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  1. Cell-free Therapy for Inflammatory Diseases: Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Antibiotics as Growth Promoters in Poultry Feeding
  3. Cassia Fistula: Potential Health-Promoting Candidate for Livestock and Poultry
  4. Organic Acids as Eco-Friendly Growth Promoters in Poultry Feed
  5. Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Mediated Immuno-Modulatory and Anti- Inflammatory Mechanisms in Immune and Allergic Disorders
  6. Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia – a comprehensive review
  7. Nipah virus: epidemiology, pathology, immunobiology and advances in diagnosis, vaccine designing and control strategies – a comprehensive review
  8. Mammalian cell entry operons; novel and major subset candidates for diagnostics with special reference to Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection
  9. Technological interventions and advances in the diagnosis of intramammary infections in animals with emphasis on bovine population—a review
  10. Animal mesenchymal stem cell research in cartilage regenerative medicine – a review
  11. Vaccine approaches for the 'therapeutic management' of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in domestic livestock
  12. Patho-Epidemiological study of jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus infection in the sheep and goats population, India
  13. Epidemiological study of Mannheimia haemolytica infection in the sheep and goats population, India
  14. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Herbs with Special Emphasis on Herbal Medicines for Countering Inflammatory Diseases and Disorders - A Review
  15. The Promising Therapeutic Applications of Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) as a Functional Food
  16. About the Guest Editors
  17. Advances in Developing Prophylactics and Therapeutics to Counter Inflammatory, Allergic and Infectious Diseases
  18. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research in Veterinary Medicine
  19. Ethnopharmacological and Phytopharmaceutical Evaluation of Prosopis cineraria: An Overview and Future Prospects
  20. An Introduction of the Guest Editors
  21. Herbal Immunomodulators - A Remedial Panacea for Designing and Developing Effective Drugs and Medicines: Current Scenario and Future Prospects
  22. Medicinal and Therapeutic Potential of Herbs and Plant Metabolites / Extracts Countering Viral Pathogens - Current Knowledge and Future Prospects
  23. Bio-inspired Biomaterials and their Drug Delivery Perspectives - A Review
  24. An Introduction of the Guest Editors
  25. Bacterial Toxins: A Hope Towards Angiogenic Ailments
  26. Effect of Resveratrol, Cinnamaldehyde and their Combinations on the Antioxidant Defense System and ATP Release of Rabbit Erythrocytes: In vitro Study
  27. Molecular characterization and antimicrobial resistance profile of Clostridium perfringens type A isolates from humans, animals, fish and their environment
  28. Molecular Signatures of Biomarkers in Cancer Development, Diagn osis, and its Prognostic Accuracy
  29. Use of acetylsalicylic acid as a feed additive in poultry nutrition
  30. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Potentialities of Materials - Based Novel Constructs - A Review
  31. Medicinal and Beneficial Health Applications of Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi): A Miraculous Herb Countering Various Diseases/Disorders and its Immunomodulatory Effects
  32. Consequences of Zika Virus Infection During Fetal Stage and Pregnancy Safe Drugs: An Update
  33. Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Applications of Nanotechnology: Trends and Advances
  34. Chicory (Cichorium intybus) Herb: Chemical Composition, Pharmacology, Nutritional and Healthical Applications
  35. Effect of Soy Lecithin on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Hepatic Antioxidant Parameters of Broiler Chickens
  36. Nutritional and Healthical Aspects of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) for Human, Animals and Poultry
  37. Effect of Dietary Protein Sources and Amino Acid Balances on Performance, Intestinal Permeability and Morphology in Broiler Chickens
  38. Evaluation of Immune Response to rσB Protein of Avian reovirus (ARV) in Chicken
  39. Clinicopathological characterization of experimental infection in chickens with sub-genotype VIIi Newcastle disease virus isolated from peafowl
  40. Assessment of Ovine Johne���s disease in the Mandya sheep breed in South India using multiple diagnostic tests and bio-typing of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection
  41. Heat Shock Proteins: Therapeutic Perspectives in Inflammatory Disorders
  42. Recent Trends in Nanotechnology-Based Drugs and Formulations for Targeted Therapeutic Delivery
  43. Anti-proliferative role of recombinant lethal toxin of Bacillus anthracis on primary mammary ductal carcinoma cells revealing its therapeutic potential
  44. Probiotics in Curing Allergic and Inflammatory Conditions - Research Progress and Futuristic Vision
  45. Immunomodulatory and prophylactic efficacy of herbal extracts against experimentally induced chicken infectious anaemia in chicks: assessing the viral load and cell mediated immunity
  46. Assessment of Cyadox Effects on the Antioxidant Defense System and Hemolysis of Isolated Rabbit Erythrocytes
  47. Flaxseed Oil Alleviates Toxic Effects of Subacute Exposure to Acephate on Liver and Kidney of Broiler Chicks
  48. 'Therapeutic Management' of Incurable Paratuberculosis Using 'Indigenous Vaccine' in Goatherds, Endemically Infected with Johne's Disease
  49. Duck virus enteritis (duck plague) – a comprehensive update
  50. Ebola virus – epidemiology, diagnosis, and control: threat to humans, lessons learnt, and preparedness plans – an update on its 40 year's journey
  51. Arcobacter: an emerging food-borne zoonotic pathogen, its public health concerns and advances in diagnosis and control – a comprehensive review
  52. Haemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys – current knowledge
  53. Rabies – epidemiology, pathogenesis, public health concerns and advances in diagnosis and control: a comprehensive review
  54. Unexpected detection of porcine rotavirus C strains carrying human origin VP6 gene
  55. Molecular Survey of Respiratory and Immunosuppressive Pathogens Associated with Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza H9N2 Subtype and Virulent Newcastle Disease Viruses in Commercial Chicken Flocks
  56. Isolation, Genotyping and Antibiogram Profile of Clostridium perfringens Isolates Recovered from Freshwater Fish and Fish Products from Kolkata Region
  57. Effect of Aloe vera Gel Extract on the Haematological Parameters in White Leghorn Chicks Vaccinated Against Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
  58. A double-stranded probe coupled with isothermal amplification for qualitative and quantitative detection of avian reovirus
  59. An overview of ozone therapy in equine- an emerging healthcare solution
  60. Advances in Aquaculture Vaccines Against Fish Pathogens: Global Status and Current Trends
  61. Tumor Homing Peptides: Promising Futuristic Hope for Cancer Therapy
  62. Anti-angiogenic Effects of Cadmium Chloride on the Process of Neovascularization
  63. Molybdenum Salts Possess Potent Angiogenic Modulatory Properties: Validation on Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) of Chicken
  64. Equine brucellosis: Review on epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs, prevention and control
  65. Leptospirosis in horses: special reference to equine recurrent uveitis
  66. Evolving views on enteric viral infections of equines: an appraisal of key pathogens
  67. Growth Performance, Intestinal Histomorphology, Blood Hematology and Serum Metabolites of Broilers Chickens Fed Diet Supplemented with Graded Levels of Acetic Acid
  68. Concurrent Resolution of Chronic Diarrhea Likely Due to Crohn’s Disease and Infection with Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis
  69. Avian Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) and their Potential Therapeutic Applications for Countering Infectious Diseases of Fish and Aquatic Animals
  70. Molecular characterization, isolation, pathology and pathotyping of peafowl (Pavo cristatus) origin Newcastle disease virus isolates recovered from disease outbreaks in three states of India
  71. A novel recombinant Meq protein based dot-ELISA for rapid and confirmatory diagnosis of Marek’s disease induced lymphoma in poultry
  72. Role of nitric oxide in the regulation of immune responses during rabies virus infection in mice
  73. Bio-incidence of bovine Johne’s disease in dairy buffaloes in Central and North India using sensitive goat based ‘indigenous elisa kit’ and traditional tests
  74. Evalution of “indirect fluorescent antibody test‟ as potential screening test for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis using milk of lactating domestic livestock
  75. May Newly Defined Genotypes XVII and XVIII of Newcastle Disease Virus in Poultry from West and Central Africa Be Considered a Single Genotype (XVII)?
  76. Bio-Contamination Estimates of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis in Fresh Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Sold in Rural, Semi-Urban and Peri-Urban Regions of South Uttar Pradesh using Multiple Diagnostic Tests
  77. May Newly Defined Subgenotypes Va and Vb of Newcastle Disease Virus in Poultry Be Considered Two Different Genotypes?
  78. Evaluation of the Modulatory Effects of Copper Salts on the Process of Angiogenesis (Neovascularization) with Therapeutic Perspectives
  79. Peptide-Recombinant VP6 Protein Based Enzyme Immunoassay for the Detection of Group A Rotaviruses in Multiple Host Species
  80. Multispecies reassortant bovine rotavirus strain carries a novel simian G3-like VP7 genotype
  81. Impact of virus load on immunocytological and histopathological parameters during clinical chicken anemia virus (CAV) infection in poultry
  82. Isolation and confirmation of viral nervous necrosis (VNN) disease in golden grey mullet (Liza aurata) and leaping mullet (Liza saliens) in the Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea
  83. Hyperspectral imaging (hsi): applications in animal and dairy sector
  84. Trends and advances in the diagnosis and control of paratuberculosis in domestic livestock
  85. Isolation and characterization of genotype XIII Newcastle disease virus from Emu in India
  86. A sensitive haemadsorption technique based RT-PCR for concentration and detection of Newcastle disease virus from clinical samples and allantoic fluid
  87. Picobirnavirus: A Putative Emerging Threat to Humans and Animals
  88. Development of Real-Time PCR Assays for Detecting Matrix Metalloproteinases-2 & 9 Over-expression in Canine Mammary Tumours
  89. Changes in Expression of Apoptosis Related Genes and DNA Fragmentation as Biomarkers in Post-mortem Investigation of Electrocution
  90. Zika virus – emergence, evolution, pathology, diagnosis, and control: current global scenario and future perspectives – a comprehensive review
  91. Does Bougainvillea spectabilis protect Swiss Albino Mice from Aflatoxin-induced Hepatotoxicity?
  92. Exploring alternatives to antibiotics as health promoting agents in poultry- a review
  93. Prevalence, diagnosis, management and control of important diseases of ruminants with special reference to indian scenario
  94. Baruscapillaria obsignata: a serious cause of enteropathy and high mortality in turkeys (meleagris gallopavo)
  95. Phylogenetic analysis of Newcastle disease virus isolates occurring in India during 1989–2013
  96. Picobirnaviruses
  97. Probiotics as beneficial microbes in aquaculture: an update on their multiple modes of action: a review
  98. Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) in Animals, Poultry and Humans
  99. Quorum Sensing Inhibitors/antagonists Countering Food Spoilage Bacteria-need Molecular and Pharmaceutical Intervention for Protecting Current Issues of Food Safety
  100. Antidiabetic and Oxidative Stress Ameliorative Potential of Ethanolic Extract of Pedicularis longiflora Rudolph
  101. Genotoxic Effect of Endosulfan at Sublethal Concentrations in Mori (Cirrhinus mrigala) Fish Using Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (Comet) Assay
  102. Level of Heavy Metals in Two Highly Consumed Fish Species at District Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  103. Radiographic Specification of Skeletal Maturation in Donkeys: Defining the Ossification Time of Donkey Growth Plates for Preventing Irreparable Damage
  104. Direct-Fed Microbial: Beneficial Applications, Modes of Action and Prospects as a Safe Tool for Enhancing Ruminant Production and Safeguarding Health
  105. Beneficial impacts of thymol essential oil on health and production of animals, fish and poultry: a review
  106. Diva technology: indispensable tool for the control of Johne’s disease
  107. Positive and Negative Impacts of Dietary Protein Levels in Laying Hens
  108. Malathion Induced DNA Damage in Freshwater Fish, Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) Using Alkaline Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis
  109. Immunomodulatory and Therapeutic Potential of Zootoxins (Venom and Toxins) on the Way Towards Designing and Developing Novel Drugs/Medicines: An Overview
  110. Nutritional and Healthical Aspects of Spirulina (Arthrospira) for Poultry, Animals and Human
  111. Toxic Effects of Endosulfanon on Behaviour, Protein Contents and Antioxidant Enzyme System in Gills, Brain, Liver and Muscle Tissues of Rohu, Labeo rohita
  112. Development of New �Indigenous Dot-ELISA Kit’ as Sensitive Field Based Herd Screening Test for the Diagnosis of Johne’s Disease in the Domestic Buffalo Population
  113. A rare case of oviduct rupture with prolapse in an adult layer chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)
  114. Ultra-structural changes in the thymus of chickens experimentally infected with chicken infectious anemia virus
  115. Detection and partial genetic characterisation of a novel variant of Avian nephritis virus in Indian poultry flocks showing diverse clinical signs
  116. Nanotechnology Based Therapeutics, Drug Delivery Mechanisms and Vaccination approaches for Countering Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) Associated Diseases
  117. The Practical Application of Sunflower Meal in Poultry Nutrition
  118. Use of Maize Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Laying Hen Diets: Trends and Advances
  119. Contagious Pustular Dermatitis (Orf Disease) - Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Control and Public Health Concerns
  120. Chemical and Ultrastructural Characteristics of Mycobacterial Biofilms
  121. Apoptosis and Other Alternate Mechanisms of Cell Death
  122. Diagnostic Potential of Three Antigens from Geographically Different Regions of the World for the Diagnosis of Ovine Johne’s Disease in India
  123. Nanotechnological Approaches for the Detection of Mycobacteria with Special References to Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis (MAP)
  124. Plants as Future Source of Anti-Mycobacterial Molecules and Armour for Fighting Drug Resistance
  125. Analysis of codon usage pattern evolution in avian rotaviruses and their preferred host
  126. Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) Virus Isolates from India
  127. Influences of Dietary Supplementation of Antimicrobial Cold Pressed Oils Mixture on Growth Performance and Intestinal Microflora of Growing Japanese Quails
  128. Listeriosis in animals, its public health significance (food-borne zoonosis) and advances in diagnosis and control: a comprehensive review
  129. Ebola from emergence to epidemic: the virus and the disease, global preparedness and perspectives
  130. Avian rotavirus enteritis – an updated review
  131. Expression Analysis of a Highly Soluble Region of an Enterotoxigenic Non-structural Protein of Bovine Rotavirus
  132. Immunomodulatory and Protective Effects of a Polyherbal Formulation (Immon) Against Infectious Anemia Virus Infection in Broiler
  133. Effect of Immunomodulation and Immunomodulatory Agents on Health with some Bioactive Principles, Modes of Action and Potent Biomedical Applications
  134. Multiple Beneficial Applications and Modes of Action of Herbs in Poultry Health and Production-A Review
  135. Mechanisms and Beneficial Applications of Resveratrol as Feed Additive in Animal and Poultry Nutrition: A Review
  136. Enhancement of Nutraceutical Value of Table Eggs Through Poultry Feeding Strategies
  137. Nutritional and Biological Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Supplementation on Performance, Serum Biochemical Parameters and Oxidative Status of Broiler Chicks Exposed to Endosulfan in the Diets
  138. A rapid method of accurate detection and differentiation of Newcastle disease virus pathotypes by demonstrating multiple bands in degenerate primer based nested RT-PCR
  139. Neuroimmunomodulation Countering Various Diseases, Disorders, Infections, Stress and Aging
  140. Comparative Cytogenetic Study of Garole and Bonpala Breeds of Sheep
  141. Development of a DNA vaccine for chicken infectious anemia and its immunogenicity studies using high mobility group box 1 protein as a novel immunoadjuvant indicated induction of promising protective immune responses
  142. Zika Virus-An Imminent Risk to the World
  143. Comparative Evaluation of Different Test Combinations for Diagnosis ofMycobacterium aviumSubspeciesparatuberculosisInfecting Dairy Herds in India
  144. Immune Responses toHaemonchus Contortusin Sheep
  145. Development of slide ELISA (SELISA) for detection of four poultry viral pathogens by direct heat fixation of viruses on glass slides
  146. A Rare Report of Ectoparasites in Backyard Poultry in Jammu Region: Prevalence Study and Economic Importance
  147. Comparison of PCR and Conventional Cultural Method for Detection of Salmonella from Poultry Blood and Faeces
  148. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) test for specific and rapid detection ofBrucella abortusin cattle
  149. Genotyping and genetic diversity ofArcobacter butzleriandArcobacter cryaerophilusisolated from different sources by using ERIC-PCR from India
  150. Anthrax Toxin Receptors, Functions and their Possible Use in Therapeutics: A Review
  151. Effects of Dietary Nano-Selenium Supplementation on the Performance of Layer Grower Birds
  152. Histopathology and Immunohistochemical Expression of N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea (NMU) Induced Mammary Tumours in Sprague-Dawley Rats
  153. Toxicopathology of Paraquat Herbicide in Female Wistar Rats
  154. Isolation and Characterization of Superior Fibre Degrading Fungus from Rumen of Mithun (Bos frontalis)
  155. Comparison of Single Intradermal Test, Gamma Interferon Assay and Indirect ELISA for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in a Dairy Farm
  156. Molecular Characterization of Arcobacter Isolates Using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RAPD-PCR)
  157. Antidotal Effect of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) against Endosulfan-Induced Cytogenotoxicity and Immunotoxicity in Broiler Chicks
  158. Evaluation of in vitro Efficacy of Vitamin D3 on the Osteogenic Differentiation and Mineralization Capabilities of Fetal and Adult Osteoblasts of Rabbit Reflects Therapeutic Potential
  159. Pathobiology of Spontaneous and Experimental Paratuberculosis (S-5 strain) in Goats with Special Reference to Early Lesions
  160. Prevalence of Arcobacter spp. in Humans, Animals and Foods of Animal Origin in India Based on Cultural Isolation, Antibiogram, PCR and Multiplex PCR Detection
  161. Prevalence of Endoparasites in Backyard Poultry in North Indian Region: A Performance Based Assessment Study
  162. Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex by Culture and Duplex Polymerase Chain Reaction in Bovines
  163. Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) Profiles of Pasteurella multocida Isolates Associated with Haemorrhagic Septicaemia by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot Analysis
  164. ‘Bio-Load’ and Bio-Type Profiles ofMycobacterium aviumsubspeciesparatuberculosisInfection in the Domestic Livestock Population Endemic for Johne's Disease: A Survey of 28 years (1985-2013) in India
  165. Mitigation of Septic Signs by Pravastatin during LPS Co-Administered Hen-Egg White Lysozyme Immunization in Mice
  166. Molecular Characterization and Toxinotyping of a Clostridium perfringens Isolate from a Case of Necrotic Enteritis in Indian Kadaknath Fowl
  167. Future Challenges of Food Security and Sustainable Livestock Production in India in the Changing Climatic Scenario
  168. Development of a Gold Nanoparticle Based Lateral Flow Assay for Rapid Diagnosis of Contagious Agalactia in Goats
  169. Evaluation of Different Coating Factors to Establish Cell Culture from Tissue Explants of Indian Major Carp, Cirrhinus mrigala
  170. Molecular Characterization of Avibacterium paragallinarum Isolated from Poultry Flocks of India
  171. Effects of Organic Minerals Supplementation on Growth, Bioavailability and Immunity in Grower Birds
  172. Emergence of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus and its Variants Need Better Diagnosis, Prevention and Control Strategies: A Global Perspective
  173. Experimental Pathological Studies of an Indian Chicken Anaemia Virus Isolate and its Detection by PCR and FAT
  174. Egg Drop Syndrome-76 (EDS-76) in Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica): An Experimental Study Revealing Pathology, Effect on Egg Production/Quality and Immune Responses
  175. Insights into Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), Various Approaches for its Diagnosis, Control and its Public Health Concerns: An Update
  176. Molecular markers and their applications in cattle genetic research: A review
  177. Ross River Virus (RRV) Infection in Horses and Humans: A Review
  178. Comparative Study on Enzymatic and Explant Method in Establishing Primary Culture from Different Cultivable Cells of Indian Major Carp, Cirrhinus mrigala
  179. Effects of Organic Minerals Supplementation on Growth, Bioavailability and Immunity in Layer Chicks
  180. Bioinformatics Study Involving Characterization of Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in the Duck Enteritis Virus Glycoprotein D (gD) Gene
  181. Chromium: Pharmacological Applications in Heat-Stressed Poultry
  182. Detection of Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus in Clinical Samples of Humans and Foods of Animal Origin by Cultural and Multiplex PCR Based Methods
  183. Molecular detection and characterization of infectious laryngotracheitis virus (Gallid herpesvirus-1) from clinical samples of commercial poultry flocks in India
  184. First Mass Screening of the Human Population to Estimate the Bio-load of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies paratuberculosis in North India
  185. Artificial Insemination in Poultry and Possible Transmission of Infectious Pathogens: A Review
  186. Serological and Molecular Detection of Brucella abortus from Cattle by RBPT, STAT and PCR and Sample Suitability of Whole Blood for PCR
  187. Growth Promoters and Novel Feed Additives Improving Poultry Production and Health, Bioactive Principles and Beneficial Applications: The Trends and Advances-A Review
  188. Coronavirus Infection in Equines: A Review
  190. Enzybiotics: New Weapon in the Army of Antimicrobials: A Review
  191. Bacteriophage Therapy for Safeguarding Animal and Human Health: A Review
  192. Johnes Disease (JD) in a High Yielding Holstein Friesian Cattle Dairy Farm in India
  193. Wonder World of Phages: Potential Biocontrol Agents Safeguarding Biosphere and Health of Animals and Humans- Current Scenario and Perspectives
  194. Nutrigenomics and its Role in Male Puberty of Cattle: A Mini Review
  195. Toroviruses Affecting Animals and Humans: A Review
  196. Comparative Evaluation of 'Indigenous' and Commercial Vaccines in Double Challenge Model for the Control of Caprine Paratuberculosis in India
  197. Effects of Dietary Nano-Selenium on Tissue Selenium Deposition, Antioxidant Status and Immune Functions in Layer Chicks
  198. Powassan virus (POWV) Infection in Animals and Humans: A Review
  199. Trends and Advances in Vaccines Against Protozoan Parasites of Veterinary Importance: A Review
  200. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Role in Safeguarding Health, Immunomodulatory Effects, Combating Infections and Therapeutic Applications: A Review
  201. Neem (Azadirachta indica) and its Potential for Safeguarding Health of Animals and Humans: A Review
  202. Strategies for Combating and Eradicating Important Infectious Diseases of Animals with Particular Reference to India: Present and Future Perspectives
  203. Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification of DNA (LAMP): A New Diagnostic Tool Lights the World of Diagnosis of Animal and Human Pathogens: A Review
  204. Effect of Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Fruit Juice on Antioxidant, Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea(NMU) Induced Mammary Carcinogenesis in Sprague-Dawley Rats
  205. Equine encephalosis virus (EEV): A Review
  206. Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Selected Pigeon Paramyxovirus Type-1 (PPMV-1) Indian Isolates
  207. Foamy Viruses Affecting Animals and Humans and their Public Health Concerns: A Review
  208. Incidence of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies paratuberculosis in Mehsani and Surti Goats of Indian Origin using Multiple Diagnostic Tests
  209. First mass screening of the human population to estimate the bio-load of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in North India
  210. Insight into Influenza Viruses of Animals and Humans
  211. Epidemiology of Influenza Viruses
  212. Introduction
  213. Evolution of Influenza Viruses
  214. Properties of Influenza Viruses
  215. Conclusions and Future Perspectives
  216. Diagnosis of Influenza Viruses
  217. Prevention and Control of Influenza Viruses
  218. Pathogenesis and Pathogenicity of Influenza Viruses
  219. Replication Cycle of Influenza Viruses
  220. Public Health Importance and Pandemic Potentials/Threats of Influenza Viruses
  221. Clinical Features of Influenza Viruses
  222. Role of Migratory Birds in Spreading Influenza Viruses
  223. Glanders-A Re-emerging Zoonotic Disease: A Review
  224. New closed tube loop mediated isothermal amplification assay for prevention of product cross-contamination
  225. Oxidative Stress, Prooxidants, and Antioxidants: The Interplay
  226. Epidemiology, Phylogeny, and Evolution of Emerging EntericPicobirnavirusesof Animal Origin and Their Relationship to Human Strains
  227. Phytonutrients and Nutraceuticals in Vegetables and Their Multi-dimensional Medicinal and Health Benefits for Humans and Their Companion Animals: A Review
  228. Evidence Based Antibacterial Potentials of Medicinal Plants and Herbs Countering Bacterial Pathogens Especially in the Era of Emerging Drug Resistance: An Integrated Update
  229. Mycoplasma agalactiae, an Etiological Agent of Contagious Agalactia in Small Ruminants: A Review
  230. Advances in Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases of Small Ruminants
  231. Panchgavya: Immune-enhancing and Therapeutic Perspectives
  232. Rare case of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in emu chicks (Dromaius novaehollandiae)
  233. Clinical Drug Interactions: A Holistic View
  234. The first case of angioinvasive pulmonary aspergillosis in a Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Gyps himalayensis)
  235. Fungal/Mycotic Diseases of Poultry-diagnosis, Treatment and Control: A Review
  236. Immunomodulators in Day to Day Life: A Review
  237. Trends in Diagnosis and Control of Bovine Mastitis: A Review
  238. Isolation of Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV) in Vero Cell Line and its Confirmation by Direct FAT and RT-PCR
  239. Food-borne Pathogens of Animal Origin-Diagnosis, Prevention, Control and Their Zoonotic Significance: A Review
  240. Upregulated Myc Expression in N-Methyl Nitrosourea (MNU)-induced Rat Mammary Tumours
  241. Systematic Review on Anticancer Potential and other Health Beneficial Pharmacological Activities of Novel Medicinal Plant Morinda citrifolia (Noni)
  242. Moderation of Immunopathological Parameters by Pravastatin in Pasteurella multocida (Pm52) Induced Septicaemic Mice
  243. Listeria monocytogenes Infection in Poultry and its Public Health Importance with Special Reference to Food Borne Zoonoses
  244. Impact of Host Genetics on Susceptibility and Resistance to Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis Infection in Domestic Ruminants
  245. Downregulation in cytokines profiles and immunopathological changes in chicks infected with chicken infectious anaemia virus
  246. Avian/Bird Flu Virus: Poultry Pathogen Having Zoonotic and Pandemic Threats: A Review
  247. Tumor Necrosis Factor as Mediator of Inflammatory Diseases and its Therapeutic Targeting: A Review
  248. Novel and Emerging Therapies Safeguarding Health of Humans and Their Companion Animals: A Review
  249. Nutraceuticals from Fruits and Vegetables at a Glance: A Review
  250. Detection and differentiation of pigeon paramyxovirus serotype-1 (PPMV-1) isolates by RT-PCR and restriction enzyme analysis
  251. Survival mechanisms of <i>Mycobacterium avium</i> subspecies <i>paratuberculosis</i> within host species and in the environment—A review
  252. Recent Trends in Development of Adjuvant of Vaccine
  253. Monoclonal antibody and its use in the diagnosis of livestock diseases
  254. Fowl Adenovirus (FAdV) in India: Evidence for Emerging Role as Primary Respiratory Pathogen in Chickens
  255. Recent Trends in Diagnosis and Control of Marek's Disease (MD) in Poultry
  256. Swine Flu is Back Again: A Review
  257. Immunomodulatory and Therapeutic Potentials of Herbal, Traditional/Indigenous and Ethnoveterinary Medicines
  258. Leptospirosis-persistence of a Dilemma: An Overview with Particular Emphasis on Trends and Recent Advances in Vaccines and Vaccination Strategies
  259. ELISA and RT-PCR Based Detection of Bovine Coronavirus in Northern India
  260. Isolation and molecular characterization of infectious bronchitis virus from recent outbreaks in broiler flocks reveals emergence of novel strain in India
  261. Antibiogram Assay of Salmonella Gallinarum and Other Salmonella enterica Serovars of Poultry Origin in India
  262. Identification of Thermotolerant Campylobacters by Latex Agglutination Test and Ultrastructure Studies
  263. Epidemiological Characterization of Salmonella gallinarum Isolates of Poultry Origin in India, Employing Two PCR Based Typing Methods of RAPD-PCR and PCR-RFLP
  264. Preliminary assessment of binary ethylenimine inactivated and saponized cutaneous warts (BPV-2) therapeutic vaccine for enzootic bovine haematuria in hill cows
  265. Detection and Quantification of Bovine Papilloma Virus Type 2 (BPV-2) by Real-time PCR in Urine and Urinary Bladder Lesions in Enzootic Bovine Haematuria (EBH)-Affected Cows
  266. Prevalence of Arcobacter spp. in Humans, Animals and Foods of Animal Origin Including Sea Food from India
  267. Prevalence of Chicken Infectious Anaemia Virus (CIAV) in Commercial Poultry Flocks of Northern India: A Serological Survey
  268. Tuberculosis in Birds: Insights into theMycobacterium aviumInfections
  269. Rotavirus diarrhea in bovines and other domestic animals
  270. Pathogens Transmitted by Migratory Birds: Threat Perceptions to Poultry Health and Production
  271. DNA vaccines and their applications in veterinary practice: current perspectives
  272. Corrigendum to “Biological and molecular characterization of chicken anaemia virus isolates of Indian origin” [Virus Res. 118 (1/2) (2006) 78-86]
  273. Biological and molecular characterization of chicken anaemia virus isolates of Indian origin
  274. Restriction Enzyme Analysis of Indian Isolates of Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 Virus Recovered from Chicken, Duck and Quail