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  1. On the Near-Wake of a Ground-Effect Diffuser with Passive Flow Control
  2. Modelling boundary-layer transition on wings operating in ground effect at low Reynolds numbers
  3. Passive Flow Control on a Ground-Effect Diffuser Using an Inverted Wing
  4. A Review of Ground-Effect Diffuser Aerodynamics
  5. Aerodynamics of a Convex Bump on a Ground-Effect Diffuser
  6. Quasi-real-time confined environment path generation for mobile robotic manipulator arms
  7. Forcing Boundary-Layer Transition on an Inverted Airfoil in Ground Effect
  8. Forcing Boundary-Layer Transition on a Single-Element Wing in Ground Effect
  9. Multi-Mode Electric Actuator Dynamic Modelling for Missile Fin Control
  10. An Efficiently Parallelized High-Order Aeroacoustics Solver Using a Characteristic-Based Multi-Block Interface Treatment and Optimized Compact Finite Differencing
  11. Petiolate wings: effects on the leading-edge vortex in flapping flight
  12. Kinetic energy storage using a dual-braking system for an unmanned parallel hybrid electric vehicle
  13. Comparison of Passive Flow Control Methods for a Cavity in Transonic Flow
  14. Forcing Boundary-Layer Transition on an Inverted Airfoil in Ground Effect at Varying Incidence
  15. Characteristics of Boundary-Layer Transition and Reynolds-Number Sensitivity of Three-Dimensional Wings of Varying Complexity Operating in Ground Effect
  16. Scale effects on the performance of sawtooth spoilers in transonic rectangular cavity flow
  17. The effect of aspect ratio on the leading-edge vortex over an insect-like flapping wing
  18. Aerodynamic characteristics of a wing-and-flap configuration in ground effect and yaw
  19. Driverless Vehicles and LIDAR: Evaluation of Possible Security Threats on the Open Road
  20. Safe and close proximity movement around obstacles with a fast computational algorithm.
  21. The characterisation of a gust generator for aerodynamic testing
  22. UAS Behaviour and Consistency Monitoring System for Countering Cyber Security Threats
  23. Scale effects on a single-element inverted wing in ground effect
  24. Energy Management System for Electrified Tactical Mobility Platforms
  25. A neurofuzzy-controlled power management strategy for a series hybrid electric vehicle
  26. Effects of Scaling on High Subsonic Cavity Flow Oscillations and Control
  27. On the near wake of a Formula One front wheel
  28. Control System for a PEM Fuel Cell Powered Heavy Duty Tactical Mobility Truck with Auxiliary Power Generation Capabilities
  29. Positive and Negative Spanwise Flow Development on an Insect-Like Rotating Wing
  30. An Investigation of Passive Control Methods for a Large Scale Cavity Model in High Subsonic Flow
  31. Formation of vortices and spanwise flow on an insect-like flapping wing throughout a flapping half cycle
  32. Turbulence Measurements in a Short Take-Off Vertical-Landing Fountain
  33. Modelling and simulation of a fuel cell powered electric drivetrain for wide body passenger aircraft
  34. Transient and time-averaged characteristics of a compressible ground vortex flow
  35. Sustainable Vehicle Technologies
  36. Statistical modelling for prediction of axis-switching in rectangular jets
  37. The Effects of Scaling on High Subsonic Cavity Flow Oscillations and Control
  38. Force and moment measurements for a generic car model in proximity to a side wall
  39. Computational investigation of cavity flow control using a passive device
  40. Modelling and simulation of a fuel cell powered medium duty vehicle platform
  41. Power and energy management system for fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicle
  42. Sugeno Inference Perturbation Analysis for Electric Aerial Vehicles
  43. Mathematically consistent boundary conditions and turbulence matching at block interfaces for computational aeroacoustics
  44. Aero-Optical Effects of a Directional Infrared Countermeasure Pod in the Transonic Regime
  45. Effect of flapping kinematics on the mean lift of an insect-like flapping wing
  46. Dynamic control of fuel cell air supply system with power management
  47. Energy conservation based fuzzy tracking for unmanned aerial vehicle missions under a priori known wind information
  48. Erratum to: Experimental investigation of some aspects of insect-like flapping flight aerodynamics for application to micro air vehicles
  49. Introduction to Aerial Vehicle Flight Mechanics, Stability and Control
  50. Fuzzy-hybrid land vehicle driveline modelling based on a moving window subtractive clustering approach
  51. Experimental investigation of some aspects of insect-like flapping flight aerodynamics for application to micro air vehicles
  52. Effect on regenerative braking efficiency with deceleration demand and terrain condition
  53. Model based power and energy management system for PEM fuel cell/ LI-Ion battery driven propulsion system
  54. Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system-based intelligent power management strategies for fuel cell/battery driven unmanned electric aerial vehicle
  55. Gear locking mechanism to extend the consistent power operating region of the electric motor to enhance acceleration and regenerative braking efficiency in hybrid electric vehicles
  56. Intelligent power management (IPM) for transient recognition and control of PEM fuel cell / battery hybrid system
  57. Spanwise Flow on an Impulsively-Started Rotating Wing at Low Reynolds Numbers
  58. Flow Measurements in a Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing Fountain: Splayed Jets
  59. Fault diagnosis with matrix analysis for electrically actuated unmanned aerial vehicles
  60. Experimental investigation of some aspects of insect-like flapping flight aerodynamics for application to micro air vehicles
  61. Guest Editorial
  62. Experimental and computational investigation of an ‘open’ transonic cavity flow
  63. The leading-edge vortex and aerodynamics of insect-based flapping-wing micro air vehicles
  64. On the characteristics of a twin-jet STOVL fountain
  65. Computational Study of Cavity Flowfield at Transonic Speeds
  66. Insectlike Flapping Wings in the Hover Part II: Effect of Wing Geometry
  67. Insectlike Flapping Wings in the Hover Part I: Effect of Wing Kinematics
  68. Flow Measurements in a Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing Fountain: Parallel Jets
  69. Fuzzy Logic control strategy for Fuel Cell/Battery aerospace propulsion system
  70. Aerospace energy conservation utilizing optimum methods
  71. Digraph matrix reliability analysis for fault assessment for A UAV platform application. A fault-tree analysis approach
  72. An emergency refuelling problem over a dynamically changing environment in the context of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  73. Investigation of aerodynamics relevant to flapping-wing micro air vehicles
  74. Laser Doppler anemometry measurements in the near-wake of an isolated Formula One wheel
  75. The vortex structure behind an Ahmed reference model in the presence of a moving ground plane
  76. Guest Editorial
  77. Flow Visualization and Measurements in a short take of vertical landing Fountain Flow
  78. On mathematical modelling of insect flight dynamics in the context of micro air vehicles
  79. Guest Editorial
  80. Planar visualization of vortical flows
  81. Non-linear unsteady aerodynamic model for insect-like flapping wings in the hover. Part 2: Implementation and validation
  82. A review of jet mixing enhancement for aircraft propulsion applications
  83. Aerodynamic modelling of insect-like flapping flight for micro air vehicles
  84. Non-linear unsteady aerodynamic model for insect-like flapping wings in the hover. Part 1: Methodology and analysis
  85. Design Guidelines for Flapping-Wing Micro UAVs
  86. Experimental and Computational Studies of Unsteady Flow Features of Upwash Fountains from Twin Impinging Jets
  87. Some Non-linear Aerodynamics Relevant to Flapping-wing MAVs
  88. PIV measurements in a twin-jet STOVL fountain flow
  89. A review of out-of-ground-effect propulsion-induced interference on STOVL aircraft
  90. Infra-red signature reduction study on a small-scale jet engine
  91. Application of Particle Image Velocimetry to Transonic Cavity Flows
  92. Large-Scale Instabilities in a STOVL Upwash Fountain
  93. Some aeromechanical aspects of insect-like flapping wings in hover
  94. A CFD and Experimental Study of an Ahmed Reference Model
  95. An experimental and numerical investigation of under-expanded turbulent jets
  96. An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Open Transonic Cavity
  97. On the Near Wake of Rotating, 40%-Scale Champ Car Wheels
  98. Unsteady Features of Twin-jet STOVL Ground Effects
  99. A Study Using PIV and LDA of a Compressible STOVL Ground Vortex Flow
  100. Particle image velocimetry and laser Doppler anemometry experimental studies of a compressible short take-off and vertical landing ground vortex flow
  101. Modelling and experiments on underexpanded turbulent jet mixing
  102. Jet/Intake Interference in Short Take off, Vertical Landing Aircraft
  103. Experimental investigation into transonic flows over tandem cavities
  104. Turbulence measurements in radial wall-jets
  106. Unsteady pressures under impinging jets in crossflows
  107. Ground vortex formed by impinging jets in crossflow
  108. Computation of normal impinging jets in cross-flow and comparison with experiment
  109. Recent Research into the Aerodynamics of ASTOVL Aircraft in Ground Environment
  110. Use of swirl for flow control in propulsion nozzles
  111. Subcritical swirling flows in convergent, annular nozzles
  112. Importance of broadband noise for advanced turboprops