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  1. Design and validation of an index to measure development in rural areas through stakeholder participation
  2. Spatial Intensity in Tourism Accommodation: Modelling Differences in Trends for Several Types through Poisson Models
  3. A stochastic semi‐non‐parametric analysis of regional efficiency in the European Union
  4. A Spatial Analysis of Intensity in Tourism Accommodation: An Application for Extremadura (Spain)
  5. Space–time dynamic panel data analysis of local tax rates
  6. Regional productivity in Western Europe
  7. Multiregional VAR
  8. European regional efficiency and geographical externalities
  9. Spanish Markov-Switching fiscal rules
  10. The effects of fiscal policy on the Spanish economy
  11. Macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy in Spain
  12. Spatiotemporal Analysis of Regional Systems
  13. Effects of fiscal policy in the EU
  14. Regional growth and spatial spillovers
  15. Export specialization and regional growth
  16. Estimating the non-market benefits of water quality improvement for a case study in Spain
  17. Assessing Regional Economic Performance: Regional Competition in Spain Under a Spatial Vector Autoregressive Approach
  18. Measuring the spillover effects of public capital: a bi-regional structural vector autoregressive analysis
  19. Purchasing power parity revisited: evidence from old and new tests for an organisation for economic co-operation and development panel
  20. A spatio-temporal econometric model of regional growth in Spain
  22. Spatial heterogeneity and interregional spillovers in the European Union: Do cohesion policies encourage convergence across regions?
  23. The Effects of Public Expenditure on Private Consumption: A Disaggregated Analysis for Spain (1970–1997)
  24. Explaining aggregate private saving behaviour: new evidence from a panel of OECD countries
  25. Dynamic effects within a regional system
  26. Fiscal policy and private consumption behaviour: The Spanish case
  27. Regime-shifting databased econometric models
  28. Curvature Restrictions on Flexible Functional Forms: An Application of the Minflex Laurent Almost Ideal Demand System to the Pattern of Spanish Demand, 1954–1987