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  1. Functional diversity patterns of reef fish, corals and algae in the Brazilian biogeographical province
  2. Assembly rules of coral reef fish communities along the depth gradient
  3. A trait‐based approach to marine island biogeography
  4. Long-term monitoring projects of Brazilian marine and coastal ecosystems
  5. Low functional vulnerability of fish assemblages to coral loss in Southwestern Atlantic marginal reefs
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered illegal fishing activities inside and outside a marine protected area
  7. Global patterns and drivers of beta diversity facets of reef fish faunas
  8. Patterns of taxonomic and functional diversity in the global cleaner reef fish fauna
  9. Mechanisms of dispersal and establishment drive a stepping stone community assembly on seamounts and oceanic islands
  10. Potential changes in the connectivity of marine protected areas driven by extreme ocean warming
  11. Severe coral bleaching of Siderastrea stellata at the only atoll in the South Atlantic driven by sequential Marine Heatwaves
  12. Conservation status of the southernmost reef of the Amazon Reef System: the Parcel de Manuel Luís
  13. Assessing captures of recreational spearfishing in Abrolhos reefs, Brazil, through social media
  14. Historical distribution and current drivers of guppy occurrence in Brazil
  15. Contrasting feeding and agonistic behaviour of two blenny species on a small and remote island in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean
  16. Reef fish antipredator behavior in remote islands does not reflect patterns seen in coastal areas
  17. The omnivorous triggerfish Melichthys niger is a functional herbivore on an isolated Atlantic oceanic island
  18. Systematic relationships of sympatric pipefishes ( Syngnathus spp. ) : a mismatch between morphological and molecular variation
  19. Island Biogeography of Marine Shallow-Water Organisms
  20. Spatial patterns and drivers of fish and benthic reef communities at São Tomé Island, Tropical Eastern Atlantic
  21. The global structure of marine cleaning mutualistic networks
  22. Fish assemblages in oceanic islands
  23. Cleaning interactions at the southern limit of tropical reef fishes in the Western Atlantic
  24. South-western Atlantic reef fishes: Zoogeographical patterns and ecological drivers reveal a secondary biodiversity centre in the Atlantic Ocean
  25. Cleaning interactions by gobies on a tropical eastern Pacific coral reef
  26. Interaction Networks in Tropical Reefs
  27. Estimating population parameters of longsnout seahorses, Hippocampus reidi (Teleostei: Syngnathidae) through mark-recapture
  28. Cleaning interactions at the only atoll in the South Atlantic
  29. Cryptobenthic fish as clients of french angelfish Pomacanthus paru (Pomacanthidae) during cleaning behaviour
  30. Unusual reef fish biomass and functional richness at Malpelo, a remote island in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
  31. Mob rulers and part-time cleaners: two reef fish associations at the isolated Ascension Island
  32. Fish cleaning interactions on a remote island in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
  33. Brazilian tropical fishes in their southern limit of distribution: checklist of Santa Catarina’s rocky reef ichthyofauna, remarks and new records
  34. Cleaning mutualism in Santa Luzia (Cape Verde Archipelago) and São Tomé Islands, Tropical Eastern Atlantic
  35. First record of cleaning by a triplefin blenny in the Tropical Pacific