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  1. Fish assemblages in oceanic islands
  2. Fishes: A Guide to their Diversity By Philip A. Hastings, H.J. Walker Jr. and Grantly R. Galland, University of California Press, Oakland, California, 2014, GBP 24.95, USD 34.95. ISBN: 978-0-520-27872-1, 311, pp. 187, colour plates (approx. 500 photos), 1
  3. Effects of bottom trawling on fish foraging and feeding
  4. A tale of two seas: contrasting patterns of population structure in the small-spotted catshark across Europe
  5. Linking temperate demersal fish species to habitat: scales, patterns and future directions
  6. Effect of prey abundance and size on the distribution of demersal fishes
  7. Could our fisheries be more productive? Indirect negative effects of bottom trawl fisheries on fish condition
  8. Levels of connectivity between longnose skate (Dipturus oxyrinchus) in the Mediterranean Sea and the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean
  9. Functional diversity predicts overyielding effect of species combination on primary productivity
  10. The effects of copper on the morphological and functional development of zebrafish embryos