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  1. Reef fish antipredator behavior in remote islands does not reflect patterns seen in coastal areas
  2. Manipulating habitat complexity to understand its influence on benthic macrofauna
  3. Physical habitat structure in marine ecosystems: the meaning of complexity and heterogeneity
  4. Detection of environmental impacts of shrimp farming through multiple lines of evidence
  5. New records of the alien cup-corals (Tubastraea spp.) within estuarine and reef systems in Todos os Santos Bay, Southwestern Atlantic
  6. Tidal migration and cross-habitat movements of fish assemblage within a mangrove ecotone
  7. Impacts of shrimp farming cultivation cycles on macrobenthic assemblages and chemistry of sediments
  8. Effects of the alien coral Tubastraea tagusensis on native coral assemblages in a southwestern Atlantic coral reef
  9. Benthic estuarine communities in Brazil: moving forward to long term studies to assess climate change impacts
  10. Are Abrolhos no-take area sites of naïve fish? An evaluation using flight initiation distance of labrids
  11. Predicting ecological changes on benthic estuarine assemblages through decadal climate trends along Brazilian Marine Ecoregions
  12. Are there general spatial patterns of mangrove structure and composition along estuarine salinity gradients in Todos os Santos Bay?
  13. Community structure of shallow rocky shore fish in a tropical bay of the southwestern Atlantic
  14. Northearn cost of Bahia as an important feeding area for juveniles and adults of green turtles
  15. Thirty years of use of multivariate quantitative methods in benthic community ecology of marine and coastal habitats: looking to the past to planning the future
  16. Sensibility of the Invasive SnailMelanoides tuberculatus(Müller, 1774) to Salinity Variations
  17. The influence of structural complexity and reef habitat types on flight initiation distance and escape behaviors in labrid fishes
  18. Intertidal benthic macrofaunal assemblages: changes in structure along entire tropical estuarine salinity gradients
  19. Analysis of sampling methods of estuarine benthic macrofaunal assemblages: sampling gear, mesh size, and taxonomic resolution
  20. Integrated assessment of metal contamination in sediments from two tropical estuaries
  21. A framework for investigating general patterns of benthic β-diversity along estuaries
  22. Pseudoreplication in ecotoxicology
  23. How wave exposure, group size and habitat complexity influence foraging and population densities in fishes of the genus Halichoeres (Perciformes: Labridae) on tropical rocky shores
  24. Overview of the 20th century impact of trace metal contamination in the estuaries of Todos os Santos Bay: Past, present and future scenarios
  25. Subtidal benthic macroinfaunal assemblages in tropical estuaries: Generality amongst highly variable gradients
  26. Reef fishes captured by recreational spearfishing on reefs of Bahia State, northeast Brazil
  28. Structural and functional approaches to describe polychaete assemblages: ecological implications for estuarine ecosystems
  29. Evaluating shellfish gathering (Lucina pectinata) in a tropical mangrove system
  30. Is Ocypode quadrata (Fabricius, 1787) a useful tool for exposed sandy beaches management in Bahia State (Northeast Brazil)?
  31. Evaluation of sample preparation (grinding and sieving) of bivalves, coffee and cowpea beans for multi-element analysis
  32. The structure of the benthic macrofaunal assemblages and sediments characteristics of the Paraguaçu estuarine system, NE, Brazil
  33. Trace metals and benthic macrofauna distributions in Camamu Bay, Brazil: Sediment quality prior oil and gas exploration
  34. Trace metal contamination and benthic assemblages in Subaé estuarine system, Brazil
  35. Spatial patterns of macrofaunal assemblages in intermittently closed/open coastal lakes in New South Wales, Australia
  36. Evaluating the importance of predation on subtidal benthic assemblages in sandy habitats around rocky reefs
  37. Spatial patterns in meiobenthic assemblages in intermittently open/closed coastal lakes in New South Wales, Australia
  38. The influence of troughs and crests of ripple marks on the structure of subtidal benthic assemblages around rocky reefs
  39. A preliminary analysis of the structure of benthic assemblages of surf zones on two morphodynamic types of beach
  40. Macroinfauna of Six Beaches near Guaratuba Bay, Southern Brazil
  41. The Influence of Rocky Reefs on Structure of Benthic Macrofauna in Nearby Soft-sediments
  42. Ghost crabs as a tool for rapid assessment of human impacts on exposed sandy beaches