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  1. First-in-Family Students, University Experience and Family Life
  2. Elite women's clubs in the 1930s across three Australian states: a prosopographical study
  3. Elite women's schools across three Australian states in the 1930s: a prosopographical study
  4. Obstacle Course: Women’s Entry into Skilled Positions in the Newcastle Steel Industry, 1980–2000
  5. Revisiting the life of Lucy Garvin, first principal of Sydney Girls High School
  6. The first 25 Australian-born women at Girton and Newnham Colleges Cambridge, 1870–1940
  7. "The national in the transnational: The compelling story of Anna Marie Hlawaczek"
  8. Gender and hyper-linear history in the representation of the female Australian primary school teacher in Marion (ABCTV, 1974)
  9. Book Review: Margaret Bailey
  10. First-in-Family students' university experiences and family life
  11. Motivated Men: First-in-Family Male Students
  12. Parents Managing University and Family Life
  13. What Am I Waiting For?
  14. Setting the Scene
  15. Concluding Thoughts
  16. Disrupting the Deficit: Beyond Notions of Lack for First-in-Family Students
  17. First-in-Family Enabling Students and the idea of the Australian University
  18. Discourses of betterment and opportunity: exploring the privileging of university attendance for first-in-family learners
  19. Engagement with Oral Storytelling in the School Classroom
  20. Being Special
  21. Reel Schools
  22. History of Education Review: a new ERA?
  23. A field of desire: visions of education in selected Australian silent films
  24. The Teacher-Student Relationship in The Heartbreak Kid (1993)
  25. ATEA special publication
  26. Book reviews
  27. Puberty Blues and the representation of an Australian comprehensive high school
  28. The Disenchantment of Childhood: Exploring the Cultural and Spatial Boundaries of Childhood in Three Australian Feature Films, 1920s–1970s
  29. Imagining the Secondary School: The ‘pictorial turn’ and representations of secondary schools in two Australian feature films of the 1970s
  30. Secrets and lies: sex education and gendered memories of childhood's end in an Australian provincial city, 1930s–1950s
  31. Editorial
  32. A child of change: The establishment of the Open Foundation Programme in 1974
  33. Des « religieuses dans le siècle » et des hommes de ce monde
  34. Introducing the Australian cinematic 'language' about schools and schooling.
  35. CHAPTER 8 – Multicultural Nation at School in the 1980s–1990s 183
  36. Chapter 4 Reel Schools
  37. Chapter 5 Reel Schools
  38. List of Sources for Reel Schools and Films discussed in the work.
  39. Chapter 10 Reel Schools
  40. Preface to Reel Schools