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  1. Boron-glycerol complexes make epoxies fire retardant
  2. Electromagnetism and Antimicrobial Action of Epoxy Coatings
  3. Crosslinking Rapidly Cured Epoxy Resin Thermosets: Experimental and Computational Modeling and Simulation Study
  4. Multifunctional Epoxy Resins
  5. Recent Progress and Multifunctional Applications of Fire-retardant Epoxy Resins
  6. Recycling polystyrene waste to more valuable materials
  7. Novel epoxy-based supercapacitors based on stable organic radicals
  8. Bending the Epoxy Polymer with Magnets and Radicals
  9. Intrinsically Conductive Epoxy Thermoset
  10. Fast Curing Epoxy Resin Compositions with Ionic Liquid as Additive
  11. Epoxy Resin for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  12. Catalysis in Cross coupling reactions
  13. Catalysis in Cross Coupling reactions
  14. Catalysis in Cross Coupling Reactions (Synthesis of Biaryls)
  15. Making paper products more robust in high humidity conditions