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  1. Magnetorotational instability in Taylor-Couette flows between cylinders with finite electrical conductivity
  2. Experimental Evidence for Nonaxisymmetric Magnetorotational Instability in a Rotating Liquid Metal Exposed to an Azimuthal Magnetic Field
  4. Density-shear instability in electron magneto-hydrodynamics
  5. Astrophysical and experimental implications from the magnetorotational instability of toroidal fields
  6. Electromagnetically driven westward drift and inner-core superrotation in Earth’s core
  7. Magnetic Processes in Astrophysics
  8. Parity-breaking flows in precessing spherical containers
  9. Inertial waves in a spherical shell induced by librations of the inner sphere: experimental and numerical results
  10. Electromagnetically driven zonal flows in a rapidly rotating spherical shell
  11. Kinematic dynamo action in spherical Couette flow
  12. The influence of a sloping bottom endwall on the linear stability in the thermally driven baroclinic annulus with a free surface
  13. From large-scale to small-scale dynamos in a spherical shell
  14. Successive elimination of shear layers by a hierarchy of constraints in inviscid spherical-shell flows
  15. On the necessary conditions for bursts of convection within the rapidly rotating cylindrical annulus
  16. Laboratory experiments and numerical simulations of inertial wave-interactions in a rotating spherical shell
  17. The shear-Hall instability in newborn neutron stars
  18. Helicity and α-effect by current-driven instabilities of helical magnetic fields
  19. Convection patterns in a spherical fluid shell
  20. Rapidly rotating plane layer convection with zonal flow
  21. Dissipative Taylor-Couette flows under the influence of helical magnetic fields
  22. Magnetic spherical Couette flow in linear combinations of axial and dipolar fields
  23. Nonaxisymmetric Magnetorotational Instabilities in Cylindrical Taylor-Couette Flow
  24. Helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow with strongly reduced Ekman pumping
  25. Hall cascades versus instabilities in neutron star magnetic fields
  26. Nonlinear Evolution of Axisymmetric Twisted Flux Tubes in the Solar Tachocline
  27. Instabilities of Taylor columns in a rotating stratified fluid
  28. Cascades in decaying three-dimensional electron magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
  29. Forward and inverse cascades in decaying two-dimensional electron magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
  30. Non-axisymmetric instabilities in magnetic spherical Couette flow
  31. Geoflow: First Results from Geophysical Motivated Experiments inside the Fluid Science Laboratory of Columbus
  32. GeoFlow: 3D numerical simulation of supercritical thermal convective states
  33. Results of a modified PROMISE experiment
  34. Instabilities of Shercliffe and Stewartson layers in spherical Couette flow
  35. Comment on “Helical magnetorotational instability in magnetized Taylor-Couette flow”
  36. The azimuthal magnetorotational instability (AMRI)
  37. Theory of current-driven instability experiments in magnetic Taylor-Couette flows
  38. Spherical Couette flow in a dipolar magnetic field
  39. Thermal blob convection in spherical shells
  40. Experiments on the magnetorotational instability in helical magnetic fields
  41. Destabilization of hydrodynamically stable rotation laws by azimuthal magnetic fields
  42. Experimental Evidence for Magnetorotational Instability in a Taylor-Couette Flow under the Influence of a Helical Magnetic Field
  43. The Traveling-Wave MRI in Cylindrical Taylor-Couette Flow: Comparing Wavelengths and Speeds in Theory and Experiment
  44. Non-axisymmetric instabilities in basic state spherical Couette flow
  45. New Type of Magnetorotational Instability in Cylindrical Taylor-Couette Flow
  46. The stability of MHD Taylor-Couette flow with current-free spiral magnetic fields between conducting cylinders
  47. A Fourier-spectral element algorithm for thermal convection in rotating axisymmetric containers
  48. Periodical Convective Flow in Spherical Shells
  49. Instabilities of the Stewartson layer Part 2. Supercritical mode transitions
  50. The Magnetic Universe
  51. Application of the spectral-element method to the axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equation
  52. Hall drift in the stratified crusts of neutron stars
  53. Natural Convection in Wide Spherical Shells
  54. Instabilities of the Stewartson layer Part 1. The dependence on the sign of $Ro$
  55. The geoflow-experiment on ISS (part I): Experimental preparation and design of laboratory testing hardware
  56. The geoflow-experiment on ISS (Part II): Numerical simulation
  57. The GEOFLOW-experiment on ISS (Part III): Bifurcation analysis
  58. Differential rotation decay in the radiative envelopes of CP stars
  59. The range of timescales on which the geodynamo operates
  60. Magnetic stability and non-linear evolution of a selection of mean field dynamos
  61. The influence of Hall drift on the magnetic fields of neutron stars
  62. The flow around a torsionally oscillating sphere
  63. Instabilities of magnetically induced shear layers and jets
  64. Super— and Counter—Rotating Jets and Vortices in Strongly Magnetic Spherical Couette Flow
  65. Global structure of self-excited magnetic fields arising from the magnetic shear instability
  66. A spectral solution of the magneto-convection equations in spherical geometry
  67. Non-axisymmetric magnetohydrodynamic shear layers in a rotating spherical shell
  68. Magnetohydrodynamic flows in spherical shells
  69. AGU honors Macelwane Medalists
  70. The adjustment to Taylor's constraint in the presence of an ambient field
  71. Magnetic stability under the magnetostrophic approximation
  72. Inertial oscillations in a spherical shell
  73. What can the observed rotation of the Earth’s inner core reveal about the state of the outer core?
  74. Time-Dependent Taylor Vortices in Wide-Gap Spherical Couette Flow
  75. Viscosity alpha in rotating spherical shear flows with an external magnetic field
  76. Viscosity alpha in rotating spherical shear flows with an external magnetic field
  77. On the adjustment to the Bondi-Gold theorem in a spherical-shell fast dynamo
  78. The dynamical balance in semi-Taylor states
  79. On the theory of the geodynamo
  80. Magnetohydrodynamic shear layers in a rapidly rotating plane layer
  81. On the energetics of magnetic instabilities
  82. Linear magnetoconvection in a rotating spherical shell, incorporating a finitely conducting inner core
  83. Oscillatory internal shear layers in rotating and precessing flows
  84. Numerical Evidence of Fast Dynamo Action in a Spherical Shell
  85. On the magnetically stabilizing role of the Earth's inner core
  86. Imposing a magnetic field across a nonaxisymmetric shear layer in a rotating spherical shell
  87. Magnetohydrodynamic Ekman and Stewartson Layers in a Rotating Spherical Shell
  88. Influence of the Earth's inner core on geomagnetic fluctuations and reversals
  89. A geodynamo model incorporating a finitely conducting inner core
  90. Taylor's constraint in a spherical αω-dynamo
  91. Parity coupling in α2-dynamos
  92. Similarity solutions of the thermocline equations
  93. A modal α2-dynamo in the limit of asymptotically small viscosity
  94. On the divergence of the Hall Current in the westward traveling surge
  95. Taylor's Condition
  96. Dynamo, Model‐Z
  97. Inner Core Tangent Cylinder
  98. Fine structure in fast dynamo computations
  99. Non-axisymmetric Shear Layers in a Rotating Spherical Shell