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  1. Analysing the heaviness of the song 'To the Hellfire' by popular deathcore band Lorna Shore
  2. Perspectives on Mixing Metal Music
  3. Dissonance in metal music: Musical and sociocultural reasons for metal’s appreciation of dissonance
  4. Exploring what the word "heavy" means for (metal) music producers and musicians.
  5. A framework of technological, performative and musical components that constitute heaviness.
  6. Keeper of the Seven Keys: Audio heritage in metal music production
  7. Metal music recording and production in 1980s and 1990s Germany
  8. Mixing approaches in metal music
  9. Metal music studies at the intersection of theory and practice
  10. Culture-specific production and performance characteristics: An interview study with ‘Teutonic’ metal producers
  11. Recording approaches in metal music
  12. The Politics of Rammstein’s Sound
  13. Teutonic Metal: Effects of Place- and Mythology-based Labels on Record Production
  14. Recording studios as museums? Record producers’ perspectives on German rock studios and accounts of their heritage practice
  15. Gear Acquisition Syndrome among musicians
  16. Rhythm and booze: contesting leisure mobilities on the Transpennine Real Ale Trail
  17. From Bach to Helloween: ‘Teutonic’ stereotypes in the history of popular music and heavy metal
  18. The formation of the West German power metal scene and the question of a ‘Teutonic’ sound
  19. Distortion and Rock Guitar Harmony
  20. Old sounds with new technologies? Examining the creative potential of guitar ‘profiling’ technology and the future of metal music from producers’ perspectives
  21. The The skillset of professional studio musicians in the German popular music recording industry
  22. The Work Realities of Professional Studio Musicians in the German Popular Music Recording Industry: Careers, Practices and Economic Situations
  23. Guitar profiling technology in metal music production: Public reception, capability, consequences and perspectives
  24. Heaviness and the electric guitar: Considering the interaction between distortion and harmonic structures
  25. Virtuoses Gitarrenspiel im Rock und Metal. Zum Einfluss von Verzerrung auf das »Shredding«
  26. Music studio operators from Germany’s “Ruhrpott”: Role, services and resources
  27. Shredding, tapping and sweeping: Effects of guitar distortion on playability and expressiveness in rock and metal solos
  28. Historical development, sound aesthetics and production techniques of the distorted electric guitar in metal music
  29. ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’ – A Survey of Electric Guitar Players
  30. Remixing dub reggae in the music classroom: A practice-based case study on the educational value of music production for listening skills and stylistic analysis