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  1. Optimisation of a chuck for cardboard can seaming – part 1: surface engineering and tribological evaluation
  2. Optimisation of a chuck for cardboard can seaming – part 2: numerical modelling and statistical analyses
  3. Influence of Water Absorption on Static Friction of Pure and Friction-Modified PA6 Polymers
  4. Properties of nitrocarburised and oxidised steel surfaces and the correlation with their tribological behaviour under unlubricated sliding conditions
  5. Development of a Constitutive Model for Friction in Bulk Metal Forming
  6. Reduction of the Adhesive Friction of Elastomers through Laser Texturing of Injection Molds
  7. Tribology of anodized Al surfaces from the view of their crystalline structure
  8. Using a standard pin-on-disc tribometer to analyse friction in a metal forming process
  9. The influence of carbide coarsening on the friction properties of thermally affected 9–12 wt. % Cr steels
  10. Sub-Micro Laser Modifications of Tribological Surfaces
  11. Plasma nitrocarburising for dry sliding contacts
  12. The influence of temperature on friction and wear of unlubricated steel/steel contacts in different gaseous atmospheres
  13. Wear mechanisms of different nitrocarburised steel samples
  14. The effect of gaseous atmospheres on friction and wear of steel–steel contacts
  15. Non-conventional inverse-Stribeck-curve behaviour and other characteristics of DLC coatings in all lubrication regimes
  16. Improving the performance of a proportional 4/3 water–hydraulic valve by using a diamond-like-carbon coating
  17. Comparison of the effects of the lubricant-molecule chain length and the viscosity on the friction and wear of diamond-like-carbon coatings and steel
  18. How the addition of a lubricant changes the friction and wear behaviour of DLC-coated contacts?
  19. The influence of viscosity on the friction in lubricated DLC contacts at various sliding velocities
  20. The Stribeck curve and lubrication design for non-fully wetted surfaces
  21. Review of boundary lubrication mechanisms of DLC coatings used in mechanical applications
  22. A Viscosity-Based Study of the Tribo-Physical Effects in Boundary-Lubricated DLC Contacts
  23. Analyses of the Long-Term Performance and Tribological Behavior of an Axial Piston Pump Using Diamondlike-Carbon-Coated Piston Shoes and Biodegradable Oil