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  1. The benificial effect of simple exercises on hand function in dentists
  2. Effects of two desensitizing dentifrices on dentinal tubule occlusion with citric acid challenge: Confocal laser scanning microscopy study
  3. Is Resection a Panacea for managing Furcation Predicament? A Report of Two Cases
  4. Osteobiologics for predictable augmentation
  5. Interimplant Papilla Reconstruction
  6. Gingival crevicular fluid and interleukin‐23 concentration in systemically healthy subjects: their relationship in periodontal health and disease
  7. Socket Preservation at Molar Site using Platelet Rich Fibrin and Bioceramics for Implant Site Development
  8. Wilckodontics
  9. Diagnosis and Treatment of Halitosis: An Overview