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  1. Finding carbon nanotube bundle properties from temperature and electrical conductivity
  2. Making dissimilar material joints stronger with interlayers
  3. A process formed layer which helps strengthen joints during brazing
  4. Using metal alloy interlayers for joining composites and metals
  5. Understanding the how ultrasonic welding can help reduce radiation damage in CLAM steel welds
  6. What affects the quality of laser welded aluminium matrix composites?
  7. Joining metals made easier with ultrasonication
  8. Making carbon nanotube composites made easier and safer.
  9. How carbon nanotube fibers interact with carbon nanotubes in a polymer.
  10. Carbon fibers can help with material welding and joining
  11. The different ways carbon nanotubes can be used with fiber reinforcements
  12. Bio‐compatible polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels
  13. How oxidation and ignition of magnesium alloys are related during cooling.
  14. Stretchable and flexible electronic materials made from the antisolvent precipitation technique
  15. Using a special coated metallic foam to increase the strength of carbon/carbon composites
  16. Using graphene to make material joints stronger.
  17. Making plastics more electrically and thermally conductive
  18. Enhancing the performance of tradition electrodes with special morphologies.
  19. Smart plastics made from carbon nanotubes.