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  1. The development of social competence in students with General Learning Difficulties in early primary grades: The necessity of psychological support programmes in schools
  2. What Makes an Adult? Comparing Views of Young Adults and Parents in Greece
  3. What do Greek emerging adults admire in others?
  4. Examining University Students’ Academic Expectations: Adaptation of the Academic Expectations Questionnaire in Greece
  5. Differences in Mental Health and Bullying Victimization Experiences between Youth of Different Sexualities: A Bayesian Perspective
  6. How do emerging adults and their parents define adulthood?
  7. “Am I Talking to a Human or a Robot?”: A Preliminary Study of Human’s Perception in Human-Humanoid Interaction and Its Effects in Cognitive and Emotional States
  8. What does it take to feel like an adult?
  9. How do the Hellene pupils spend their time during an average school day?
  10. Modeling the role of emotions in viewing oneself maturely
  11. Not all identity style items in the identity style inventory refer to identity: Is that important?
  12. Are identity styles important for psychological well-being?
  13. Predicting Change in Relational Identity Commitments: Exploration and Emotions