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  1. The structural, electronic, optical, and mechanical properties of one-dimensional nanotube-like Bi
  2. Computational modelling and Simulations of quasi-one-dimensional molybdenum sesquisulphide
  3. Exploration of ground state carbon-based halides properties: an ab. initio approach
  4. Computational preductions of ZrCl4 with density functional theory
  5. The structural, electronic, optical, mechanical and vibrational properties of Te2W with HSE03
  6. Computational modeling and predictions of CeO2 with DFT calculations
  7. Computational modelling and DFT simulations of AgNO3 compound
  8. Computational Predictions on TiS3 material with density functional theory
  9. Computational Simulations on Cuprous iodide (CuI) compound
  10. Computational calculations on Ag3X (X=S , Se) with ab. initio. methods
  11. Computational Predictions on Compound Sb2Se3
  12. Computational predictions on WO3
  13. Computational predictions on Boron oxide B2O3
  14. The DFT calculations of bulk and Te-doped SnSe2
  15. Computational predictions on Sn-doped Ga2O3 using density functional theory
  16. Computational predictions and descriptions on SnO materials.
  17. Computational predictions on Ga2O3
  18. Computational predictions on Arsenic-Selenium alloy compound
  19. Computational predictions of two-dimensional graphene-like GaN with density functional theory
  20. hexagonal h-ZnS with density functional theory
  21. The electronic and optical properties of SiO2–Al–SiO2 with density functional theory
  22. The optical and elastic properties of strained ZnO by first principle calculations
  23. Materials Research Express, October 2019, Institute of Physics Publishing
  24. The First Principle Study: Structural, Electronic, Optical, Phonon and Elastic Properties in Bulk and Monolayer Molybdenum Ditelluride
  25. The Structural, Electronic, Optical and Elastic Properties of ε-Type Gallium Selenide: A First Principle Study
  26. The electronic and structural properties in Ca2TiMnO6 double perovskite: The first principle study
  27. First Principle Study: Electronic Properties of Graphene on Boron Phosphide
  28. The bandgap distribution investigated across the strain-induced bending ZnO nanowire
  29. The first principle study of electronic and optical properties in rhombohedral BiAlO 3
  30. The first principle study: Electronic and optical properties in Bi2Se3
  31. Are InGaAs and InGaP Nanowires piezoelectric?
  32. Graphene/GaN diodes for ultraviolet and visible photodetectors
  33. Tunable band gap in germanene by surface adsorption
  34. Non-linear piezoelectricity in zinc blende GaAs and InAs semiconductors
  35. Non linear piezoelectricity in zincblende GaAs and InAs semiconductors
  36. Strain dependence of internal displacement and effective charge in wurtzite III-N semiconductors
  37. Opto-electronics, December 2011, Springer Science + Business Media
  38. Erratum: Second-order piezoelectricity in wurtzite III-N semiconductors [Phys. Rev. B84, 085211 (2011)]
  39. Investigating the effect of non linear piezoelectricity on the excitonic properties of III-N semiconductor quantum dots
  40. Physical Review B, August 2011, American Physical Society (APS)