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  1. Transition towards clean energy consumption in G7: Can financial sector, ICT and democracy help?
  2. Overcoming the shock of energy depletion for energy policy? Tracing the missing link between energy depletion, renewable energy development and decarbonization in the USA
  3. Financial integration in Asia: new Empirical evidence using dynamic panel data estimations
  4. Over 33 years of the hospitality research: a bibliometric review of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  5. Investigating the nexus between green economy, sustainability, bitcoin and oil prices: Contextual evidence from the United States
  6. Editorial: Export product quality, renewable energy, and sustainable production
  7. Examining the heterogeneity of financial development in the energy-environment nexus in the era of climate change: Novel evidence around the world
  8. FinTechs and financial inclusion—Balkan experience: Digital perspectives on financial markets
  9. Is it all about money honey? Analyzing and mapping financial well-being research and identifying future research agenda
  10. Editorial: Wind and solar energy sources: Policy, economics, and impacts on environmental quality
  11. Corporate entrepreneurship champions: mapping the past and present states of the field for future advancements
  12. The changing role of innovation for crisis management in times of COVID-19: An integrative literature review
  13. Modelling and simulation of a four-group evolutionary game model for green innovation stakeholders: Contextual evidence in lens of sustainable development
  14. Resolving energy poverty for social change: Research directions and agenda
  15. Transitioning green finance from theory to practice for renewable energy development
  16. Entrepreneurial challenges of COVID-19: Re-thinking entrepreneurship after the crisis
  17. Revisiting the financial market interdependence during COVID-19 times: a study of green bonds, cryptocurrency, commodities and other financial markets
  18. Toward advancing theory on creativity in marketing and artificial intelligence
  19. The role of renewable energy and natural resources for sustainable agriculture in ASEAN countries: Do carbon emissions and deforestation affect agriculture productivity?
  20. Impacts of bilateral trade on energy affordability and accessibility across Europe: Does economic globalization reduce energy poverty?
  21. Revisiting conventional and green finance spillover in post-COVID world: Evidence from robust econometric models
  22. Environmental cost of non-renewable energy and economic progress: Do ICT and financial development mitigate some burden?
  23. Analyzing Cyberchondriac Google Trends Data to Forecast Waves and Avoid Friction: Lessons From COVID-19 in India
  24. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Stock Market Forecasting: A Critique, Review, and Research Agenda
  25. Investigating digital sustainability: A retrospective bibliometric analysis of literature leading to future research directions
  26. Pathways for advancing the scholarship on transformation towards a sustainable and equitable community
  27. Exploring the nexus between agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions in BIMSTEC region: The role of renewable energy and human capital as moderators
  28. Neuroentrepreneurship: an integrative review and research agenda
  29. COVID-19 and environmental concerns: A rapid review
  30. Revisiting the sustainable versus conventional investment dilemma in COVID-19 times
  31. Can tourism sustain itself through the pandemic: nexus between tourism, COVID-19 cases and air quality spread in the ‘Pineapple State’ Hawaii
  32. Exploring the nexus between non-renewable and renewable energy consumptions and economic development: Evidence from panel estimations
  33. From Challenges to Creativity: Enhancing SMEs’ Resilience in the Context of COVID-19
  34. Meteorological factors, COVID-19 cases, and deaths in top 10 most affected countries: an econometric investigation
  35. Econometric analysis of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and meteorological factors in South Asia
  36. Unconditional and conditional analysis between covid-19 cases, temperature, exchange rate and stock markets using wavelet coherence and wavelet partial coherence approaches
  37. Is there a cost for sustainable investments: evidence from dynamic conditional correlation
  38. Reviving tourism industry post-COVID-19: A resilience-based framework
  39. Nexus between environmental, social and economic development in South Asia: evidence from econometric models
  40. Sailing through the COVID-19 Crisis by Using AI for Financial Market Predictions
  41. Panic During COVID-19 Pandemic! A Qualitative Investigation Into the Psychosocial Experiences of a Sample of Indian People
  42. Toward a new conceptualization of financial well‐being
  43. Policy response to the economic challenge from COVID-19 in India: A qualitative enquiry
  44. Energy consumption, FDI, and urbanization linkage in coastal Mediterranean countries: re-assessing the pollution haven hypothesis
  45. What’s in the brain for us: a systematic literature review of neuroeconomics and neurofinance
  46. A qualitative enquiry into strategic and operational responses to Covid‐19 challenges in South Asia
  47. Nexus between energy consumption, information and communications technology, and economic growth: An enquiry into emerging Asian countries
  48. Renewable energy, urbanization, and ecological footprint linkage in CIVETS
  49. From business goals to societal goals via sustainable investment: an integrative review and research agenda
  50. Artificial intelligence and effective governance: A review, critique and research agenda
  51. Lives or livelihood: Insights from locked-down India due to COVID19
  52. Forest fire risk mapping using GIS and remote sensing in two major landscapes of Nepal
  53. Can I Sustain My Happiness? A Review, Critique and Research Agenda for Economics of Happiness
  54. Information Linkages Among BRICS Countries: Empirical Evidence from Implied Volatility Indices
  55. Ecological footprint, urbanization, and energy consumption in South Africa: including the excluded
  56. Research in market-calibrated option pricing analysis
  57. Human brain and financial behavior: a neurofinance perspective
  58. Can Central Banking Policies Make a Difference in Financial Market Performance in Emerging Economies? The Case of India
  59. Social Entrepreneurship as a Path for Social Change and Driver of Sustainable Development: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda
  60. Can Sustainable Investment Yield Better Financial Returns: A Comparative Study of ESG Indices and MSCI Indices
  61. Comprehensive review of extant literature on Sustainable Investing
  62. Understanding financial decision-making from the context of plasticity
  63. Macroeconomic performance and stock returns
  64. The Relationship between HR Expenditure and Firm's Performance: Case of S&P BSE SENSEX 30 Companies
  65. Looking for a new management theory in post-modern times
  66. Ensuring value for stakeholders by sustainable Business: An alternate model proposition
  67. Determinants and Indicators of Women Empowerment: A Walk Through Psychological Patterns and Behavioural Implications
  68. Impact of Sales, Net Profit, and EPS on Stock Behavior in Emerging Markets : A Study of Indian Companies
  69. Return Linkages and Volatility Spillover Effect Between Stock Markets and Currency Markets
  70. Does the Pre-Open Auction Market Improve Efficiency of Price Discovery in Stock Markets? Evidence from India
  71. Impact of Inflation on Per Capita Income in Emerging Economies: Evidence from BRICS Nations
  72. Impact of Selected Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market in India
  73. Month of the Year Anomalies in Stock Markets: Evidence from India
  74. Impact of Economic Indicators on FDI: A Case of India
  75. Rewards and Risks in Stock Markets: A Case of South Asia
  76. Do Macro-economic Variables Move in Tandem: Evidence from India and Sri Lanka
  77. Impact of Economic Indicators on FDI: A Case of India
  78. Inter‐linkages among stock markets of South Asia
  79. Growing Competitiveness of South Asian Stock Exchanges on the Global Scenario
  80. Effect of the TV Advertisement on Brand
  81. Inter-Linkages between Stock Exchanges: A Study of BRIC Nations
  82. Coping-Up with the Global Economic Recession: A Study of USA, UK, India and China
  83. Impact of Organized Retail on the Economy of Punjab
  84. Role of Value Added Services in Shaping Indian Telecom Industry
  85. Is the Internet a Productive Media for Students: A Case Study of Indian Students
  86. Causal Effect of Advertisement on Profit and Sales
  87. Consumer Perception Regarding the Cellular Services - A Case of Indian Cellular Companies
  88. Emergence of China and India on World Trade Scenario
  89. Advertisement Cause Sales or Sales Cause Advertisement: A Case of Indian Manufacturing Companies
  90. Efficiency Hypothesis of the Stock Markets: A Case of Indian Securities