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  1. Advanced characterisation of photovoltaics for hail resistance
  2. Dynamic behavior of concrete and cementitious materials
  3. Strain-rate response of 3D printed 17-4PH stainless steel manufactured via selective laser melting
  4. High and Very-High Strength Steels under harsh conditions of temperature and loading
  5. Combined effects of high strain rate, elevated temperature, and triaxiality on a commercial tungsten alloy
  6. UHP(FR)C under impact loading
  7. Influence of the gauge length on dynamic direct tensile test
  8. Combined effect of elevated temperature and high strain rates on S690QL high strength steel
  9. Structural Design and Testing of Digitally Manufactured Concrete Structures
  10. Dynamic Behaviour of Two UHPC Matrixes in Direct Tension
  11. Dynamic characterization of the layer-interface properties of 3D-printed concrete elements
  12. High strain-rate behaviour of as-cast and as-build Inconel 718 alloys at elevated temperatures
  13. Mechanical behaviour of B500A rebars: Effect of elevated temperature and high strain-rate
  14. Analysis of two parameter identification methods for original and modified Johnson-Cook fracture strains, including numerical comparison and validation of a new blue-brittle dependent fracture model for free-cutting steel 50SiB8
  15. Laser Metal Deposition of Inconel 718 Alloy and As-built Mechanical Properties Compared to Casting
  16. On the Rate Sensitive Fracture Behavior of Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) Depending on Fiber Type and Matrix Composition
  17. Mechanical characterization of 3D printed concrete subjected to dynamic loading
  18. Split Hopkinson bar tests on metaconcrete: modeling and numerical simulations
  19. Effects of elevated temperature on a tungsten alloy at high strain-rate
  20. Tensile behaviour of Inconel 718 alloys under extreme conditions of temperature and strain-rate
  21. Modern high strength steels under high strain-rate regimes
  22. Experimental investigation on the response of UHP(FR)C at high stress-rates under compression
  23. Strain-rate effects on S690QL high strength steel under tensile loading
  24. Dynamic Behaviour of Layered 3D Printed Concrete Elements
  25. High strain-rate behaviour of a Tungsten alloy
  26. Dynamic response of UHPFRCs in direct-shear tests
  27. Mechanical behaviour of a very-high strength steel (S960QL) under extreme conditions of high strain rates and elevated temperatures
  28. Experimental study on direct tensile behaviour of UHPFRC under high strain-rates
  29. Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Extreme Combined Conditions of Loading and Temperature
  30. High strain-rate response of UHPFRC in support of impact resistant structural design
  31. Advances in the characterization, modelling and simulation of materials subjected to dynamic loading
  32. High strain rates testing and constitutive modeling of B500B reinforcing steel at elevated temperatures
  33. Tensile and compressive behaviour of S355 mild steel in a wide range of strain rates
  34. Modelling UHPFRC tension behavior under high strain rates
  35. Mechanical characterization of alloys in extreme conditions of high strain rates and high temperature
  36. Foreword
  37. Behaviour of UHPFRCs in compression under high stress-rates
  38. Dynamic behaviour of an earthen material under different impact loading conditions
  39. Dynamic Tensile Behaviour of Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (SHCC)
  40. Response of UHPFRCs in Tension under High Stress Rate
  41. Fiber reinforced mortars based on free Portland-CSA binders under high stress rate
  42. Performance of various strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) subject to uniaxial impact tensile loading
  43. Influence of Fiber Type on the Tensile Behavior of Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (SHCC) Under Impact Loading
  44. Blast effects on steel columns under fire conditions
  45. Tensile Behaviour of Commercial Aluminium Alloys Used in Armour Applications at High Strain Rate
  46. Tensile Test of a HSLA Steel at High Strain Rates with Two Different SHTB Facilities
  47. Tensile Behaviour of Reinforcing Steels at High Strain Rate and High Temperature
  48. Strain rate behaviour in tension of S355 steel: Base for progressive collapse analysis
  49. Dynamic behaviour of cement mortars reinforced with glass and basalt fibres
  50. Editorial
  51. Experimental analysis of the UHPFRCs behavior under tension at high stress rate
  52. Strain rate effects on the mechanical behavior of two Dual Phase steels in tension
  53. High strain rate response of S355 at high temperatures
  55. Preface
  56. Strain rate effects on reinforcing steels in tension
  57. First application of the 3D-MHB on dynamic compressive behavior of UHPC
  58. Influence of strain rate on the mechanical behaviour in tension of bovine cortical bone
  59. Relaxation model for dynamic plastic deformation of materials
  60. Experimental and numerical analysis of the dynamic behaviour in tension of an armour steel for applications in defence industry
  61. High strain rate response of UHP(FR)C in compression
  62. Influence of the temperature on the tension behaviour of EUROFER97 alloy at high strain rate
  63. Energy absorption at high strain rate of glass fiber reinforced mortars
  64. Tensile behaviour of geopolymer-based materials under medium and high strain rates
  65. Structural-temporal approach for dynamic strength characterization of gabbro-diabase
  66. Dynamic behaviour of HPFRCC: The influence of fibres dispersion
  67. Application of the dynamic characterization of metals in automotive industry
  68. Comparative experimental study of dynamic compressive strength of mortar with glass and basalt fibres
  69. Analysis of the strain-rate behavior of a basalt fiber reinforced natural hydraulic mortar
  70. Identification Methods of Parameters for Johnson-Cook Constitutive Equation – Comparison
  71. Numerical simulation of the high strain-rate behavior of quenched and self-tempered reinforcing steel in tension
  72. Advances in the Hopkinson bar testing of irradiated/non-irradiated nuclear materials and large specimens
  73. Quasi-Static and Dynamic Tensile Behavior of CP800 Steel
  74. High strain rate behaviour in tension of steel B500A reinforcing bar
  75. Mechanical behaviour of quenched and self-tempered reinforcing steel in tension under high strain rate
  76. Concrete behaviour in direct tension tests at high strain rates
  77. Dynamic tensile behaviour of high performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites after high temperature exposure
  78. Strain Rate Sensitivity of Die Steel under Compressive Loads
  79. Strain rate behaviour in tension of austenitic stainless steel used for reinforcing bars
  80. Strain Rate Sensitivity of an Aluminium Alloy under Compressive Loads
  81. Tensile behaviour of high performance fibre-reinforced cementitious composites at high strain rates
  82. Mechanical Characterization of Multi Phase Steel at Different Rates of Loading
  83. Dynamic behaviour of HPFRCC in tension
  84. Dynamic Behavior of HPFRCC at High Strain Rate: The Fiber Role
  85. Incubation time approach to rock dynamic strength characterization
  86. Mechanical characterization of rocks at high strain rate
  87. Strain rate behaviour of multi-phase and complex-phase steels for automotive applications
  88. Strain rate effects on mechanical properties in tension of aluminium alloys used in armour applications
  89. Dynamic tensile behavior of multi phase high yield strength steel
  90. Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading
  91. Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforcing Steel Bars in Tension
  92. Strain-Rate Effect on the Tensile Behaviour of High Strength Alloys
  93. Dynamic Tensile Behaviour of Self Compacting Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  94. Threshold Characteristics of Short Pulse Loads Causing Fracture in Concrete and Rocks
  95. Tension and Compression Behavior of Pre-Stressed Steel Strands at High Strain Rate
  96. Mechanical Behavior of Advanced High Strength Steel at High Strain Rates
  97. Mechanical Characterization of Cement Composites Reinforced with Fiberglass, Carbon Nanotubes or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) at High Strain Rates
  98. Analysis of the Strain-Rate Beahavior of a Basalt Fiber Reinforced Mortar
  99. Strain-rate behavior in tension of the tempered martensitic reduced activation steel Eurofer97
  100. Dynamic Characterization of Orthogneiss Rock Subjected to Intermediate and High Strain Rates in Tension
  101. Strain-Rate Sensitivity of a Pultruded E-Glass/Polyester Composite
  102. Tensile behaviour of FRC under high strain-rate
  103. Dynamic behavior of a Mediterranean natural stone under tensile loading
  104. Mechanical characterisation of concrete in tension and compression at high strain rate using a modified Hopkinson bar
  105. Learning by Seeing: The TEMAS Multimedia Learning Objects for Civil Engineers
  106. Analysis of the concrete behaviour in tension at high strain-rate by a modified Hopkinson bar in support of impact resistant structural design
  107. Application of ESPI technique to evaluate the crack propagation zone of prenotched clay elements
  108. Testing of the Swiss Expo 2001 structural models by fiber optic and whole field optical methods
  109. Crack propagation in clay elements determined by ESPI method