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  1. The influence of heat and steam curing on the properties of one-part fly ash/slag alkali activated materials: Preliminary results
  2. CSA-based Portland-free binders to manufacture sustainable concretes for jointless slabs on ground
  3. Binders alternative to Portland cement and waste management for sustainable construction – Part 2
  4. Repair and conservation of reinforced concrete tent-church by Pino Pizzigoni at Longuelo – Bergamo (Italy)
  5. Plain and Ultrafine Fly Ashes Mortars for Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials
  6. Fiber reinforced mortars based on free Portland-CSA binders under high stress rate
  7. The Rheological and Mechanical Performances of Concrete Manufactured with Blended Admixtures Based on Phosphonates
  8. Impact of the associated cation on chloride binding of Portland cement paste
  9. Mechanical Characterization of Cement Composites Reinforced with Fiberglass, Carbon Nanotubes or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) at High Strain Rates
  10. Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Cement Composites for Monitoring Stress Conditions in Concrete Structures
  11. Evaluation of the corrosion inhibition of salts of organic acids in alkaline solutions and chloride contaminated concrete
  12. Electroosmotic transport in porous construction materials and dehumidification of masonry
  13. Corrosion inhibitors in reinforced concrete structures Part 1: Preventative technique
  14. Design of an Engineered Barrier System for radioactive wastes
  15. Water reducers for the high alumina cement-silica fume system