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  1. Highly effective design strategy for the heterogenisation of chemo- and enantioselective organocatalysts
  2. Role of Isolated Acid Sites and Influence of Pore Diameter in the Low-Temperature Dehydration of Ethanol
  3. NIR Persistent Luminescence of Lanthanide Ion-Doped Rare-Earth Oxycarbonates: The Effect of Dopants
  4. An Efficient Rose Bengal Based Nanoplatform for Photodynamic Therapy
  5. Rationalising the role of solid-acid sites in the design of versatile single-site heterogeneous catalysts for targeted acid-catalysed transformations
  6. Toward Understanding the Catalytic Synergy in the Design of Bimetallic Molecular Sieves for Selective Aerobic Oxidations
  7. Designing bifunctional acid–base mesoporous hybrid catalysts for cascade reactions
  8. Investigating site-specific interactions and probing their role in modifying the acid-strength in framework architectures
  9. Back Cover Picture: Strong Organic Bases as Building Blocks of Mesoporous Hybrid Catalysts for C-C Forming Bond Reactions (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 32/2012)
  10. Strong Organic Bases as Building Blocks of Mesoporous Hybrid Catalysts for C-C Forming Bond Reactions
  11. Bright photoluminescent hybrid mesostructured silica nanoparticles
  12. RuxPtySnzcluster-derived nanoparticlecatalysts: spectroscopic investigation into the nature of active multinuclear single sites
  13. Spectroscopic investigation into the nature of the active sites for epoxidation reactions using vanadium-based aluminophosphate catalysts
  14. Engineering active sites for enhancing synergy in heterogeneous catalytic oxidations
  15. Hybrid organic–inorganic catalytic mesoporous materials with proton sponges as building blocks
  16. Synergistic Behavior of Bimetallic Rhenium Cluster Catalysts: Spectroscopic Investigation into the Nature of the Active Site
  17. Criteria for enzyme encapsulation in porous hosts
  18. Photoactive Ru Complex Embedded in Mesostructured MCM-41 Nanoparticles
  19. The role of isolated active centres in high-performance bioinspired selective oxidation catalysts
  20. New Catalytic Liquid-Phase Ammoxidation Approach to the Preparation of Niacin (Vitamin B 3 )
  21. Photoactive Hybrid Nanomaterials: Indocyanine Immobilized in Mesoporous MCM-41 for “In-Cell” Bioimaging
  22. Active Biocatalysts Based on Pepsin Immobilized in Mesoporous SBA-15
  23. Challenges in biocatalysis: immobilization of pepsin in mesoporous silicates
  24. Titanium–Silica Catalysts for the Production of Fully Epoxidised Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
  25. Epoxidation of unsaturated FAMEs obtained from vegetable source over Ti(IV)-grafted silica catalysts: A comparison between ordered and non-ordered mesoporous materials
  26. Synthesis and surface properties of Ti-containing mesoporous aluminophosphates. A comparison with Ti-grafted mesoporous silica Ti-MCM-41
  27. NH3adsorption on MCM-41 and Ti-grafted MCM-41. FTIR, DR UV–Vis–NIR and photoluminescence studies
  28. Meso-ALPO prepared by thermal decomposition of the organic-inorganic composite: A FTIR study
  29. Acidity of mesoporous aluminophosphates and silicas MCM-41. A combined FTIR and UV-Vis-NIR study
  30. A Spectroscopic Study of Group IV Transition Metal Incorporated Direct Templated Mesoporous Catalysts Part 1:  A Comparison between Materials Synthesized Using Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Ti Precursors
  31. One-pot incorporation of titanium catalytic sites into mesoporous true liquid crystal templated (TLCT) silica
  32. Structure–functionality relationships of grafted Ti-MCM41 silicas. Spectroscopic and catalytic studies
  33. Probing the Titanium Sites in Ti−MCM41 by Diffuse Reflectance and Photoluminescence UV−Vis Spectroscopies
  34. The Application of UV-Visible-NIR Spectroscopy to Oxides