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  1. Bacteria and nanosilver: the quest for optimal production
  2. Increased duplex stabilization in porphyrin-LNA zipper arrays with structure dependent exciton coupling
  3. A highly sensitive electrochemical genosensor based on Co-porphyrin-labelled DNA
  4. In situ microspectroscopic monitoring within a microfluidic reactor
  5. EPR based distance measurement in Cu-porphyrin–DNA
  6. Fluorescent hydrogel formation from carboxyphenyl-terpyridine
  7. Cu(ii)–porphyrin molecular dynamics as seen in a novel EPR/Stochastic Liouville equation study
  8. Microfluidics-based continuous flow formation of triangular silver nanoprisms with tuneable surface plasmon resonance
  9. Sequence-specific synthesis of macromolecules using DNA-templated chemistry
  10. A DNA based five-state switch with programmed reversibility
  11. DNA in a modern world
  12. DNA as supramolecular scaffold for functional molecules: progress in DNA nanotechnology
  13. Peptidomimetic bond formation by DNA-templated acyl transfer
  14. Introducing structural flexibility into porphyrin–DNA zipper arrays
  15. The role of isolated active centres in high-performance bioinspired selective oxidation catalysts