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  1. Barceló’s works warn us about the dangers of not working together as a species.
  2. colapso de las narrativas identitarias en Eva (2017) de Arturo Pérez-Reverte
  3. Combining Criminal Fiction, Child Maltreatment, PTSD, Voodoo, Feminism, Gothic, & the Metaphysical
  4. Las influencias internacionales de las novelas de espías en Pérez-Reverte
  5. “El rey recibe: Intertextualidad y Percepción de la Historia Reciente”
  6. police procedures and mythology go hand in hand in this exciting thriller
  7. Pérez-Reverte takes on Cervantes´s most famous short story in a unsettling contemporay setting
  8. Los perros duros no bailan. Much more than an easy reading and a tribute to Cervantes
  9. Most Pérez-Reverte´s male characters are minor compared to female ones
  10. A twenty-first century historical novel with a nineteenth-century flavor.
  11. Tu rostro con la marea: una tragedia con máscaras pero sin héroe
  12. Naturaleza casi muerta: Una novela negra de campus en clave pictórica y filosófica
  13. King Leonor of Castile, much more powerful than previously thought
  14. Female University professors and Detectives provide new venues in the detective novel genre.
  15. An imagined global community of graffitti painters is threatened by their leader´s darkes secret
  16. Empowering the Others through education in Por el Cielo y Mas Alla, by Carme Riera
  17. Even those who may seem weak and helpless can make a difference thanks to education
  18. Barcelona, a city described by many authors as the place for crimes, corruption and detective work
  19. Appearances are deceiving, especially in times of Civil War
  20. Much more than a fairy tale Queen
  21. “El rey recibe: Intertextualidad y Percepción de la Historia Reciente”