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  1. Novel Lactone-based Insecticides and Drosophila suzukii Management
  2. Study of the Interference in Target Seed Germination Caused by Dienamides and Epoxy Derivatives
  3. Natural products from Conchocarpus mastigophorus (Rutaceae)
  4. Structural elucidation of a novel pyrrolizidine alkaloid.
  6. Synthesis of imides and Biological Evaluation
  7. Characterization of stereoisomeric 5‐(2‐nitro‐1‐phenylethyl)furan‐2(5H)‐ones
  8. Relative stereochemistry determined by NMR and theoretical calculations
  9. Synthesis of a phthalide analogue and DFT calculations
  10. Nematicidal activity of compounds derived from norbornadiene.
  11. Insecticidal activity of amides against Tuta absoluta
  12. Cytotoxyc activity of novel amides
  13. Identification of enzyme target of isobenzofuranones
  14. Synthesis of chiral amides with insecticidal activity
  15. Stereoselective and stereoespecific epoxide alcoholysis.