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  1. Can healthcare assistant training improve the relational care of older people?
  2. Training in relational care for healthcare assistants working with older people
  3. Creative practice as a mutual route to well-being
  4. How clay work promotes wellbeing.
  5. Chapter 44 on Clay Modeling - How clay work promotes wellbeing
  6. Creative practice with clay: A mutual route to recovery?
  7. The national evaluation of the Care Certificate
  8. Home care for people with dementia: what works?
  9. Can Healthcare Assistant Training (CHAT) improve the relational care of older people?
  10. Outdoor Access for people living with dementia
  11. Research based theatre in training dementia carers
  12. How clay workshops can promote the wellbeing and inclusion of participants
  13. An evaluation of a musical intervention for people with dementia
  14. Barriers and Facilitators to Person Centred Dementia Care
  15. The Enriched Opportunities Programme for people with dementia
  16. The mental health needs of people living in extra care housing
  17. Art and Mental Health Promotion
  18. Poverty, Disability and Older Carers