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  1. Longitudinal profiles of shared book reading in early childhood and children’s academic achievement in Year 3 of school
  2. Enhancing the early home learning environment through a brief group parenting intervention: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial
  3. Early sleep and self-regulation influence school adjustment
  4. Early school-based parent involvement, children’s self-regulated learning and academic achievement: An Australian longitudinal study
  5. A Developmental Cascade Model of Behavioral Sleep Problems and Emotional and Attentional Self-Regulation Across Early Childhood
  6. Taking an evaluative stance to decision-making about professional development options in early childhood education and care
  7. Early Mathematical Learning: Number Processing Skills and Executive Function at 5 and 8 Years of Age
  8. Evaluative decision-making for high-quality professional development: cultivating an evaluative stance
  9. The Birthday Cake: Social Relations and Professional Practices Around Mealtimes with Toddlers in Child Care
  10. A shared reading intervention with parents to enhance young children's early literacy skills
  11. Child sexual abuse prevention education: A review of school policy and curriculum provision in Australia
  12. Australian Children with Special Health Care Needs: Social-Emotional and Learning Competencies in the Early Years
  13. Evaluating parent–child group music therapy programmes: Challenges and successes for Sing & Grow
  14. Socioeconomic inequality profiles in physical and developmental health from 0–7 years: Australian National Study
  15. National Study of an Early Parenting Intervention: Implementation Differences on Parent and Child Outcomes
  16. The Development and Validation of Australian Indices of Child Development—Part I: Conceptualisation and Development
  17. Literacy, numeracy, and learning in school-aged children identified as having speech and language impairment in early childhood
  18. Investigating epistemological beliefs in vocational education for child care workers: New ways of thinking about learning and training
  19. Children with autistic spectrum disorder in early childhood education programs: A social constructivist perspective on inclusion
  20. Developing Relational Epistemology Through Relational Pedagogy: New Ways of Thinking About Personal Epistemology in Teacher Education
  21. How Well are Australian Infants and Children Aged 4 to 5 Years Doing?
  22. Working with toddlers in child care: Practitioners’ beliefs about their role
  23. Personal epistemology and relational pedagogy in early childhood teacher education programs
  24. Respecting children’s agency for learning and rights to participation in child care programs
  25. Working with toddlers in child care: Personal epistemologies and practice
  26. The Effect of Gender Context on Children's Social Behavior in a Limited Resource Situation: An Observational Study
  27. Caregivers' Epistemological Beliefs in Toddler Programs
  28. Gender Influences on Preschool Children's Social Problem-Solving Strategies
  29. Caregivers' Beliefs about Practice in Infant Child Care Programmes
  30. The effects of witnessing domestic violence on young children's psycho-social adjustment
  31. The sources of stress experienced by preschool teachers
  32. Working in partnership in evaluation: Critical factors for successful collaboration between clinicians and researchers
  33. Evaluations in the Real World: Addressing the Clinical and Research Nexus in an Early Childhood Parenting Intervention
  34. Prevention of child sexual abuse: A survey of 38 school-based programs in one country
  35. How well are Australian Infants and Children aged 4 to 5 years doing?: Findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children Wave 1