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  1. Crystal structure of poly[diaquabis(μ2-biphenyl-2,4′-dicarboxylato-κ2O:O′)tris(μ2-1,1′-biphenyl-4,4′-diylbis(1H-imidazole)-κ2N:N′)dicobalt(II)] monohydrat, C82H64N12O11Co2
  2. Two (3,6)-connected porous metal–organic frameworks based on linear trinuclear [Co3(COO)6] and paddlewheel dinuclear [Cu2(COO)4] SBUs: gas adsorption, photocatalytic behaviour, and magnetic properties
  3. A new surfactant-introduction strategy for separating the pure single-phase of metal–organic frameworks
  4. Biphenyl-2,4,6,3′,5′-pentacarboxylic acid as a tecton for six new Co(ii) coordination polymers: pH and N-donor ligand-dependent assemblies, structure diversities and magnetic properties
  5. [Co(H2O)6]2+and H3O+encapsulated in a unique 3D anionic Co(ii) framework with hydrophilic hexagonal and circular channels
  6. Unique topological motifs in two Cd(ii)-coordination polymers: mutual-embedded 2D bilayers, 3D polythreaded structures, self-penetrated networks and 2D → 2D interpenetrated homochiral bilayers
  7. Positional isomeric tunable two Co(ii) 6-connected 3-D frameworks with pentanuclear to binuclear units: structures, ion-exchange and magnetic properties
  8. Redox-active Cu(i) boron imidazolate framework for mechanochromic and catalytic applications
  9. Synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of two Cu (II)-complexes based on in situ generated 5-NO2-2-hydroxyisophthalic acid
  10. A series of divalent metal coordination polymers based on isomeric tetracarboxylic acids: synthesis, structures and magnetic properties