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  1. A new surfactant-introduction strategy for separating the pure single-phase of metal–organic frameworks
  2. Effect of Structural Isomerism on Magnetic Dynamics: from Single-Molecule Magnet to Single-Chain Magnet
  3. Isomeric chain structures of {[Mn(H2O)4]2Ru2(CO3)4Br2}nn−: syntheses, structural diversity and magnetic properties
  4. ChemInform Abstract: X‐Ray Single‐Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of KMn(H2O)5Ru2 (CO3)4·5H2O: A Layered Soft Magnet.
  5. X-ray single-crystal structure and magnetic properties of KMn(H2O)5Ru2(CO3)4·5H2O: A layered soft magnet
  6. ChemInform Abstract: Triangular {Mn(OH)}36+ Fragment Encapsulated in Trivacant [A‐R‐SiW9O34]10‐ Ligand.
  7. Triangular {Mn(OH)}36+ fragment encapsulated in trivacant [A-R-SiW9O34]10− ligand
  8. New two-dimensional Mn(ii) metal–organic framework featured spin canting
  9. Diruthenium(iii,iii) diphosphonate with a spin ground state S = 2
  10. Cadmium diruthenium(ii,iii) carbonates showing diverse magnetism behavior arising from variety configuration of [Ru2(CO3)4]n3n− layer
  11. Incorporation of M(H2O)62+ between layers {M(H2O)2Ru2(CO3)4Cl2}n2n− (M = Zn, Mn): syntheses, structures and magnetic properties
  12. Syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of two heterometallic carbonates: K2Li[Cu(H2O)2Ru2(CO3)4X2]·5H2O (X = Cl, Br)
  13. Layer structural bimetallic metamagnets obtained from the aggregation of Ru2(CO3)43− and Co2+ in existence of halogen
  14. Heterometallic Co(ii)–Ru2(ii,iii) carbonates: from discrete ionic crystals to three-dimensional network
  15. Unprecedented 1D alternate Co5 chain and discrete Co3 unit embedded in a 3D framework exhibiting slow magnetic relaxation behaviour
  16. Two New (3,6)-Connected Frameworks Based on an Unsymmetrical Tritopic Pyridyldicarboxylate Ligand and Co2 Dimer: Structures, Magnetic, and Sorption Properties
  17. Enhanced Magnetic Hardness in a Nanoscale Metal–Organic Hybrid Ferrimagnet
  18. A novel two-dimensional 3d–4f heterometallic coordination polymer with (4, 4)-connected topology: Crystal structure, luminescence and magnetic properties
  19. From Two-Dimensional Double Decker Architecture to Three-DimensionalpcuFramework with One-Dimensional Tube: Syntheses, Structures, Luminescence, and Magnetic Studies
  20. A diruthenium soft ferromagnet showing Tc = 3.0 K: Mn4(H2O)16H[Ru2(CO3)4]2[Ru2(CO3)4(H2O)2]·11H2O
  21. Cobalt and copper phosphinates based on N-(phosphinomethyl)iminodiacetic acid: supramolecular layered structures and magnetic properties
  22. An unusual 3D pillared-layer cobalt(II) coordination polymer containing helical motifs and novel topology constructed from mixed ligands
  23. Distinct structures of coordination polymers incorporating flexible triazole-based ligand: topological diversities, crystal structures and property studies
  24. Structural diversity, photoluminescence and magnet properties of complexes based on a V-shaped polycarboxylate
  25. Syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of cobalt(ii) and nickel(ii) complexes based on 5-methylisophthalate and different dipyridyl-containing ligands
  26. An Unusual 3D Entangled Co(II) Coordination Polymer Directed by Ferromagnetic Molecular Building Block
  27. A Novel 3D Porous Cu(II)-Based Metal−Organic Framework Built from H4hbpdc Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Characterization (H4hbpdc = 3,3′-Dihydroxy-2,2′-bipyridine-6,6′-dicarboxylic)
  28. A Series of Lanthanide−Organic Frameworks Based on 2-Propyl-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylate and Oxalate: Syntheses, Structures, Luminescence, and Magnetic Properties
  29. Copper(ii) 5-methoxyisophthalate coordination polymers incorporating dipyridyl co-ligands: syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetic properties
  30. A series of lanthanide–organic polymers incorporating nitrogen-heterocyclic and aliphatic carboxylate mixed-ligands: structures, luminescent and magnetic properties
  31. Multi-dimensional transition-metal coordination polymers with 5-nitro-1,2,3-benzenetricarboxylic acid exhibiting ferro-/antiferromagnetic interactions
  32. Series of anion-directed lanthanide-rigid-flexible frameworks: syntheses, structures, luminescence and magnetic properties
  33. Hydrothermal preparation, crystal structures and properties of novel Mn(ii) metal–organic frameworks with 5-nitro-1,2,3-benzenetricarboxylate and various dipyridyl ligands
  34. Pyrazole-nitrogen bridged tetranuclear copper(II) cluster with an unprecedented U-like core: Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties
  35. Interaction of 1,3-Adamantanediacetic Acid (H2ADA) and Ditopic Pyridyl Subunits with Cobalt Nitrate under Hydrothermal Conditions: pH Influence, Crystal Structures, and Their Properties
  36. Zinc 4-Carboxyphenylphosphonates with Pillared Layered Framework Structures Containing Large 12-Membered Rings Built Up from Tetranuclear Zn4 Clusters and CPO3 Linkages
  37. Lanthanide Diruthenium(II,III) Compounds Showing Layered and PtS-Type Open Framework Structures
  38. Copper and cadmium phosphonates based on 2-quinolinephosphonate
  39. Na3Ru2(hedp)2⋅4H2O: A mixed valent diruthenium diphosphonate with three-dimensional structure
  40. Template- and pH-Directed Assembly of Diruthenium Diphosphonates with Different Topologies and Oxidation States
  41. Structure and Magnetic Properties of Pyridine Coordinated Sandwich-Type Heteropolyanion {[Na(H2O)2]3 [Ni(C5H5N)]3(AsW9O33)2}9-.
  42. Structure and Magnetic Properties of Pyridine Coordinated Sandwich-type Heteropolyanion {[Na(H2O)2]3[Ni(C5H5N)]3(AsW9O33)2}9−
  43. Mixed-Valent Diruthenium Diphosphonate with Kagomé Structure
  44. Crystal Structure and Characterization of a Large Polyoxotungstate (NH4)21{La(H2O)5[Ni(H2O)]2As4W40O140}·53H2O