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  1. Liquid-phase epitaxial growth of a homochiral MOF thin film on poly(l-DOPA) functionalized substrate for improved enantiomer separation
  2. Coordination polymers with free Brønsted acid sites for selective catalysis
  3. Facile synthesis of bimetal Au–Ag nanoparticles in a Cu(i) boron imidazolate framework with mechanochromic properties
  4. High and selective sorption of C2 hydrocarbons in heterometal–organic frameworks built from tetrahedral units
  5. Integration of rigid and flexible organic parts for the construction of a homochiral metal–organic framework with high porosity
  6. A stable zinc-4-carboxypyrazole framework with high uptake and selectivity of light hydrocarbons
  7. Targeted design of a cubic boron imidazolate cage with sensing and reducing functions
  8. Integration of a semi-rigid proline ligand and 4,4′-bipyridine in the synthesis of homochiral metal–organic frameworks with helices
  9. Synthesis and gas sorption properties of a homochiral metal–organic framework with octahedral cages
  10. Asymmetric induction in homochiral MOFs: from interweaving double helices to single helices
  11. A new approach towards zeolitic tetrazolate-imidazolate frameworks (ZTIFs) with uncoordinated N-heteroatom sites for high CO2uptake
  12. Redox-active Cu(i) boron imidazolate framework for mechanochromic and catalytic applications
  13. Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production activity via dual modification of MOF and reduced graphene oxide on CdS
  14. Chiral and achiral imidazole-linked tetrahedral zinc phosphonate frameworks with photoluminescent properties
  15. Tetrahedral tetrazolate frameworks for high CO2and H2uptake
  16. The photoluminescence and gas sorption properties of three Cd(ii) MOFs based on 1,3,5-benzenetribenzoate with –NH2 or –OH groups
  17. Cooperative ion-exchange and self-redox process to load catalytic metal nanoparticles into a MOF with Johnson-type cages
  18. A water-stable zeolite-like metal–organic framework for selective separation of organic dyes
  19. A luminescent neutral cadmium(ii)–boron(iii)–imidazolate framework with sql net
  20. Guest inducing fluorescence switching in lanthanide–tris((4-carboxyl)phenylduryl)amine frameworks integrating porosity and flexibility
  21. Two luminescent Cu(i) coordination polymers based on the 1-(4-tetrazolephenyl)imidazole ligand for sensing of nitrobenzene
  22. Tuning a layer to a pillared-layer metal–organic framework for adsorption and separation of light hydrocarbons
  23. Organic templates promoted photocatalytic and photoluminescent properties between two coordination polymers
  24. A microporous nickel–organic framework with an unusual 10-connected bct net and high capacity for CO2, H2 and hydrocarbons