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  1. Black Mothers' Perceptions of Barriers and Motivators for Initiating Adolescent Dating Violence Discussions with Daughters
  2. An integrative behavior theory derived model to assess factors affecting HPV vaccine acceptance using structural equation modeling
  3. Reframing HIV Stigma and Fear
  4. Exploring Individual Differences in the Relationship Between Cultural Identity Processes and Well-Being
  5. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Acceptability among Parents of Adolescent Girls in a Rural Area, Mysore, India
  6. Conversations about sexual activity within Haitian families: implications for HPV vaccine uptake
  7. Urban-Rural Inequities in the Parental Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Human Papillomavirus Infection, Cervical Cancer, and Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Mysore, India
  8. Barriers to HPV Vaccination Among Unvaccinated, Haitian American College Women
  9. Using bystander programs to tackle college sexual violence: A critical evaluation of a meta-analysis
  10. Addressing Prevention Among HIV-Uninfected Women in PMTCT Programs in South India
  11. Adolescent Dating Violence Among Ethnically Diverse Youth
  12. Impact of Virginia's School-Entry Vaccine Mandate on Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among 13–17-Year-Old Females
  13. Parents' conflict tactics influence on the Hispanic women's Verbal Aggression Victimization
  14. Impact of Louisiana’s HPV Vaccine Awareness Policy on HPV Vaccination Among 13- to 17-Year-Old Females
  15. Black College Women's Reflections on Sexting during High School
  16. The Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Interventions Targeting Black College Women: A Systematic Review
  17. Hispanic College Men's Perceptions of Appropriate Strategies for Initiating Sexual Intercourse with
  18. Factors Motivating HPV Vaccine Uptake Among Vaccinated and Nonvaccinated Hispanic Young Adult Women
  19. What factors influence Hispanic college men's HPV vaccine uptake decision making
  20. Child and youth experiences and perspectives of cerebral palsy: a qualitative systematic review: letter to the editor
  21. Black adolescents perceptions of how verbal sexual coercion occurs
  22. Cross-sex versus same-sex experience and relationship satisfaction: addressing diverse social networks among Orthodox Jews
  23. Teen Dating Violence: Popular Culture and Black girls
  24. Influence of Parental Conflict Resolution Strategies on Hispanic College Women’s Experiences With Verbal Aggression
  25. Hispanic college men's perceptions and evaluations of women who coerce/ pressure men to have sex
  26. Who and what influences Hispanic college women's HPV vaccine decisions
  27. Young Hispanic Men and Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Choices
  28. Effects of language of assessment on the measurement of acculturation: Measurement equivalence and cultural frame switching.
  29. Health Disparities and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Research Findings and Implications for Pediatric Nurses in Advanced Practice
  30. Influence of Parental Verbal Aggression on Hispanic College Women's Intimate Relationships
  31. Cultural Values Influencing Immigrant Haitian Mothers’ Attitudes Toward Human Papillomavirus Vaccination for Daughters
  32. The Influence of Skin Color on Heterosexual Black College Women's Dating Beliefs
  33. The questions used to explore attitudes toward skin color among Hispanic populations
  34. Influence of Parental Conflict Resolution Strategies on Hispanic Men
  35. The Influence of Parental Skin Color Messaging on Hispanic Women's Dating Beliefs
  36. Psychological Aspects of a Health Care Decision: The HPV Vaccine, Boys, and Their Fathers
  37. What factors influence Hispanic college men's HPV vaccine uptake decision making processes
  38. The Role of Skin Color on Hispanic Women’s Perceptions of Attractiveness
  39. Hispanic Women's Expectations of Campus-Based Health Clinics Addressing Sexual Health Concerns
  40. Book Review: Timothy Shary and Alexandra Seibel (Eds.) Youth Culture in Global Cinema. Mahwah, NJ: University of Texas Press, 2007. 347 pp. $24.95 (paperback). ISBN 9780292714144
  41. Hip Hop, Health, and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): Using Wireless Technology to Increase HPV Vaccination Uptake
  42. Influence of Parental Skin Color Values on Emerging Adult Hispanic Women's Dating Beliefs
  43. African American preadolescents’ acceptance and usage of Hip Hop Images in their own lives
  44. Hip Hop images influence on Early Adolescents’ Physical Attractiveness and Dating beliefs
  45. The Influence of Social Institutions on African American Women's Sexual Values and Attitudes
  46. Black women in Hip Hop's empowerment within a male defined space.
  47. Black adolescent girls use of sexual scripts to understand their sexual health
  48. Sister-to-Sister Talk: Transcending Boundaries and Challenges in Qualitative Research With Black Women*
  49. The foundational images of Black Women presented in Mainstream Hip Hop Videos
  50. African American single mothers and children in context: Review of studies on risk and resilience.
  51. Examining how various factors in society influence perceptions of Black women's sexuality in Hip Hop