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  1. Ageing in the brain: mechanisms and rejuvenating strategies
  2. Mitochondria dysfunction and impaired response to oxidative stress promotes proteostasis disruption in aged human cells
  3. Novel therapeutic strategies targeting mitochondria as a gateway in neurodegeneration
  4. Mitochondria, energy, and metabolism in neuronal health and disease
  5. Revisiting APP secretases: an overview on the holistic effects of retinoic acid receptor stimulation in APP processing
  6. Glymphatic system, AQP4, and their implications in Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Unravelling protein aggregation as an ageing related process or a neuropathological response
  8. Energetic supply to regenerating neurons
  9. Regulation of Myelination by Exosome Associated Retinoic Acid Release from NG2-Positive Cells
  10. Retinoic acid synthesis by NG2 expressing cells promotes a permissive environment for axonal outgrowth
  11. Neuronal RARβ Signaling Modulates PTEN Activity Directly in Neurons and via Exosome Transfer in Astrocytes to Prevent Glial Scar Formation and Induce Spinal Cord Regeneration
  12. Axonal morphological changes following impulse activity in mouse peripheral nervein vivo: the return pathway for sodium ions
  13. Impulse Conduction Increases Mitochondrial Transport in Adult Mammalian Peripheral Nerves In Vivo
  14. Tetanic failure due to decreased endogenous adenosine A2A tonus operating neuronal Cav1 (L-type) influx in Myasthenia gravis