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  1. Value of special issues in the journal of business research: A bibliometric analysis
  2. Mapping of Journal of Service Research Themes: A 22-Year Review
  3. A Retrospective Review of the First 35 Years of the International Journal of Research in Marketing
  4. Trade credit research before and after the global financial crisis of 2008 – A bibliometric overview
  5. Trade credit and firm profitability: Empirical evidence from India
  6. Research constituents, intellectual structure, and collaboration pattern in the Journal of Forecasting : A bibliometric analysis
  7. A retrospective of the Journal of Strategic Marketing from 1993 to 2019 using bibliometric analysis
  8. Systematic and bibliometric review of literature on trade credit
  9. Thirty years of the International Journal of Logistics Management – a retrospective analysis
  10. Intellectual structure and publication pattern in International Journal of Advertising: a bibliometric analysis during 1982–2019
  11. Forty-five years of Journal of Business Research: A bibliometric analysis
  12. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice: a retrospective of 2005–2019
  13. Fifty years of The Financial Review : A bibliometric overview
  14. Twenty-five years of the Journal of Corporate Finance: A scientometric analysis
  15. Twenty‐five years of Review of Financial Economics : A bibliometric overview
  16. Risk in Commercial Microfinancing - A Social Perspective from India
  17. Indebtedness and Financial Inclusion: The Alarming Outcome of Commercial Microfinance in India
  18. Digitalization in the Midst of Digital Division in India
  19. Indebtedness From the Perspective of Commercial Microfinance in India
  20. Financial Literacy and Indebtedness in India