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  1. Kinetics of thermal decomposition of crude oils
  2. Renewable biomass cultivation optimized for pyrolysis potential
  3. Estimating Hydrochar Energy Content with Machine Learning
  4. Energy potential of Bagasse: experimental and kinetic analysis
  5. Integrated Waste Biorefineries: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, 2nd edition
  6. Turning waste into wealth: The role of waste biorefineries in a sustainable future
  7. Algal Biochar for Dye Removal
  8. Biochar Production from Agricultural Wastes: Application of Machine Learning
  9. Optimizing Biochar and Syngas Production from Biomass Wastes using Neural Networks
  10. Hemp Residue Pyrolysis Kinetics and By-Product Analysis
  11. Investigating the Thermal Degradation Behavior of Tannery Sludge Using Thermogravimetric Analysis
  12. Turning Rice Husk into Biofuel with the Help of Zeolites
  13. Thermal Conversion of Waste Furniture Board Under Pyrolytic Conditions
  14. Data-driven Modelling of Bio-hydrogen Production from Wastewater using Neural Networks
  15. Modeling of Thermal Degradation of S. bengalense Biomass: ANN and M-DAEM
  16. AI to Optimize Biodiesel Production
  17. Biochar Production and Applications: A Review
  18. Algal Biochar for Removal of Chromium: Kinetics and Adsorption Capacity
  19. Mapping Trends of Biomass Deoxygenation Technologies
  20. Thermophysical Properties of Fuel Oxygenate Mixtures: Predictions using the Jouyban-Acree Model
  21. Improving Biomass Gasification Using Control Strategies
  22. Integrated waste biorefineries: Achieving sustainable development goals
  23. Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge: A Bibliometric Analysis
  24. Review of Eco-Friendly Biolubricant Production
  25. Thermokinetic Analysis of Tannery Sewage Sludge Combustion
  26. Co-Torrefaction of Biomass Residue/Waste for High-Value Bio-Solid Products
  27. Recent Progress in Microalgae-Derived Biochar for Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment
  28. Sewage Sludge to Hydrogen: Gasification as a Solution
  29. Co-Pyrolysis of Liquor Industry and Bamboo Wastes for Energy and Chemicals
  30. Optimizing Biolubricant Production from Caster Oil suing Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
  31. Gonium Pectorale: A Promising Microalga for CO2 Capture and Bioenergy Production
  32. Coal-biomass Co-pyrolysis: Kinetics and Thermochemical Behavior
  33. Microwave-Activated Carbon-Chitosan Composite Beads for Efficient Removal of Organic Pollutants
  34. Hydrogen-Rich Syngas and Biochar Production from Date Palm Seeds
  35. Microwave-Assisted Hot Water Treatment of Sugarcane Bagasse for Fast Pyrolysis
  36. Slow Pyrolysis of Wet Oily Petrochemical Sludge: Thermo-kinetics and ANN Modeling
  37. Bio-Plastic Production from Renewable Sources: Enhanced HMF and FDCA Extraction
  38. Renewable Energy from Date Seeds
  39. Spent Coffee Ground Pyrolysis for Future Biorefinery: A Review
  40. Converting Microalgae Chlorella sp. Biomass into Fuels and Chemicals
  41. Converting Groundnut Shells into Useful Products Using Pyrolysis
  42. How Scenedesmus quadricauda Biomass Converts into Fuels and Chemicals
  43. Palladium Catalysis for Indole Synthesis
  44. Biohydrogen from Plant Waste: Challenges and Opportunities
  45. How Dried Oily Sludge Breaks Down at High Temperatures
  46. How special issues in the Journal of Business Research are valuable?
  47. Turning a Halophyte into Fuel
  48. How to Turn Crop Waste into Bioenergy
  49. Thermal Co-conversion of Biomass, Sludge, and Coal
  50. Special Issues of Psychology & Marketing: 1984‐2020
  51. Kinetic Study of Palm Kernel Shell Thermal Decomposition
  52. Biofuels from Biomass: A Renewable and Less Polluting Alternative to Fossil Fuels
  53. Thermo-kinetics of High-Ash Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis
  54. Co-pyrolysis Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Rice Husk and Sewage Sludge Blends
  55. Thermo-kinetic Study of High-Ash Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis
  56. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Sugarcane Bagasse and Sewage Sludge Co-pyrolysis
  57. Comments on “Evaluating the bioenergy potential of Chinese Liquor-industry waste through pyrolysis, thermogravimetric, kinetics and evolved gas analyses” by Ye et al. [Energy Convers. Manage. 163 (2018) 13–21]
  58. Misuse of Arrhenius Pre-exponential Factor in Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
  59. Misuse of Arrhenius Pre-exponential Factor in Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies
  60. Physical Changes in Recycled Pulps and Fibers
  61. Pyrolytic Kinetics of Coconut Shell Waste Using Ramped PyrOx
  62. Influence of Polymer Concentration and Blend Composition on PVDF Membrane Properties
  63. Kinetics of Botryococcus braunii Pyrolysis and Identification of Reaction Mechanism
  64. Thermo-kinetic Properties of Graphite-Enriched vinyl Ester Composites
  65. Machine Learning Models for Pyrolytic Conversion of Red Sea Seaweed
  66. Model-Free and Model-Fitting Methods for Pyrolytic Conversion of Coconut Shell Waste
  67. Blended PVDF Membranes for Seawater Desalination using Membrane Distillation
  68. Kinetics of Red Sea Seaweed Pyrolysis: Understanding the Degradation Process
  69. Papers as Functional Green Materials
  70. Enhancing Wheat Straw-Based Paper Strength with Borax-Modified Starch
  71. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Sugarcane Bagasse and Sewage Sludge Co-pyrolysis