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  1. Training high-functioning children with ASD in solving conceptual analogies with a neurofeedback-based protocol
  2. Using social networks as a collective intelligence tool for a decision-making process about adult lifelong education
  3. Dynamic assessment with VR technology
  4. Crowd wisdom in the decision making process
  5. Virtual Reality was found to enhance cognitive abilities as measured by IQ subtests
  6. A future model for pension savings
  7. The impact of collaborative online reading on summarizing skills
  8. Measuring the style of innovative thinking among engineering students
  9. Usage patterns of communication interfaces for social support among at-risk adolescents
  10. Enhancing Time-Connectives With 3D Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR)
  11. Structural and conceptual user interfaces and their impact on learning
  12. Improving the Sequential Time Perception of Teenagers with Mild to Moderate Mental Retardation with 3D Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR)
  13. The impact of virtual reality on parents’ awareness of cognitive perceptions of a dyslectic child
  14. Enhancing Pre-Service Teachers' Awareness to Pupils' Test-Anxiety With 3D Immersive Simulation
  15. The impact of Virtual Reality on the awareness of teenagers to social and emotional experiences of immigrant classmates
  16. Three-Dimensionality as an Effective Mode of Representation for Expressing Sequential Time Perception
  17. Variations to the Imen-Delphi procedure aimed at helping in the emergence of communities of interests
  18. Imen Delphi is a variant of the Delphi methodology.
  19. Cognitive intervention through virtual environments among deaf and hard-of-hearing children
  20. Using a lecturer’s personal Web site to enhance the social interchange among students in an academic course
  21. Training Kindergarten Teachers with Virtual Reality
  22. Improving the Awareness to Toddlers' Initial Emotional Experiences in Kindergarten with Virtual Reality
  23. Gender preferences for multimedia interfaces
  24. Virtual Reality as a Tool for Improving Spatial Rotation among Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children
  25. Awareness of toddlers' initial cognitive experiences with virtual reality
  27. Enhancing the Induction Skill of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children with Virtual Reality Technology
  29. Electronic-Imen-Delphi (EID): An Online Conferencing Procedure
  30. Improving Flexible Thinking in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with Virtual Reality Technology
  31. Futures’ methodologies as scientific tools for the emergence of humankind
  32. Gender interest differences with multimedia learning interfaces
  33. An applied social systems procedure for generating purposive sound futures
  34. Imen-Delphi: A Delphi Variant Procedure for Emergence
  35. A knowledge based model of a networked teachers’ training centre for in-service training with information and communication technology
  36. Ideas Generation Implementation Questionnaire
  37. User Satisfaction Questionnaire--Children's Version