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  1. Challenges and opportunities for small volumes delivery into the skin
  2. Microfluidics control the ballistic energy of thermocavitation liquid jets for needle-free injections
  3. High speed imaging of solid needle and liquid micro-jet injections
  4. Novel swirl flow-focusing microfluidic device for the production of monodisperse microbubbles
  5. Evaluation method for process intensification alternatives
  6. Pathways to electrochemical solar-hydrogen technologies
  7. Is reproducibility inside the bag? Special issue fundamentals and applications of sonochemistry ESS-15
  8. Bubble nucleation from micro-crevices in a shear flow
  9. Cleaning of used rotary nickel-titanium files in an ultrasonic bath by locally intensified acoustic cavitation
  10. Electrolysis-Driven and Pressure-Controlled Diffusive Growth of Successive Bubbles on Microstructured Surfaces
  11. Toward jet injection by continuous-wave laser cavitation
  12. Streaming flow by oscillating bubbles: quantitative diagnostics via particle tracking velocimetry
  13. Emulsification in novel ultrasonic cavitation intensifying bag reactors
  14. Solar-hydrogen generation and solar concentration (Conference Presentation)
  15. Synergy of Microfluidics and Ultrasound
  16. Measuring cavitation and its cleaning effect
  17. Preface to the Special Issue: Cleaning with bubbles
  18. Scaled-up sonochemical microreactor with increased efficiency and reproducibility
  19. Study of the geometry in a 3D flow-focusing device
  20. Ultrasonic cleaning of 3D printed objects and Cleaning Challenge Devices
  21. Continuous-wave laser generated jets for needle free applications
  22. The potential for microfluidics in electrochemical energy systems
  23. Heat-flux enhancement by vapour-bubble nucleation in Rayleigh–Bénard turbulence
  24. A novel ultrasonic cavitation enhancer
  25. Cavitation Measurement during Sonic and Ultrasonic Activated Irrigation
  26. Sonochemical and high-speed optical characterization of cavitation generated by an ultrasonically oscillating dental file in root canal models
  27. Interacting bubble clouds and their sonochemical production
  28. Erosion evolution in mono-crystalline silicon surfaces caused by acoustic cavitation bubbles
  29. ChemInform Abstract: Merging Microfluidics and Sonochemistry: Towards Greener and More Efficient Micro-Sono-Reactors
  30. Matching number of bubbles with radicals production
  31. Light from interior of bubbles and radicals reacting with luminol in a micro sonoreactor
  32. Localized removal of layers of metal, polymer, or biomaterial by ultrasound cavitation bubbles
  33. Merging microfluidics and sonochemistry: towards greener and more efficient micro-sono-reactors
  34. Hydrodynamic cavitation in micro channels with channel sizes of 100 and 750 micrometers
  35. Efficient Sonochemistry through Microbubbles Generated with Micromachined Surfaces
  36. Efficient Sonochemistry through Microbubbles Generated with Micromachined Surfaces
  37. On the hydrodynamics of liquid-liquid slug flow capillary microreactors
  38. PDMS resistance to laser bubbles
  39. PhD thesis David Fernandez Rivas