On the Resilience of PDMS Microchannels After Violent Optical Breakdown Microbubble Cavitation

  • D. Fernandez Rivas, J. G. E. Gardeniers
  • January 2008, ASME International
  • DOI: 10.1115/icnmm2008-62385

PDMS resistance to laser bubbles

What is it about?

Laser pulses can form bubbles in liquid. If the liquid is contained in a small flexible PDMS micro channel, the walls of the channel deform. How much can PDMS stand these cycles of expansion and collapse?

Why is it important?

PDMS has been used, and it seems it will continue to be used, widely in the scientific community busy in microfluidics and other fields. Biologist, fluid dynamicists, chemists, etc. use it for all types of purposes. This was a small study about the material's property regarding bubble cavitation events in confinement. Ideally the results and cited references can help others in their research.

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