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  1. An introduction to product essentiality: conceptualisation and measurement
  2. Ambiguity, Managerial Ability, and Growth Options
  3. Ambiguity aversion in buyer-seller relationships: A contingent-claims and social network explanation
  4. Strategies for sustaining manufacturing competitiveness
  6. Green operations strategy of a luxury car manufacturer
  7. Cell Layout
  8. System Loss
  9. Process Layout
  10. Job Design
  11. Production Flow Analysis
  12. Line Balancing
  13. International Location
  14. Balancing Loss
  15. Product Layout
  16. Job Rotation
  17. Group Working
  18. Product Families
  19. Job Enrichment
  20. Division of Labor
  21. Work Organization
  22. Job Enlargement
  23. Intermediation for technology diffusion and user innovation in a developing rural economy: a social learning perspective
  24. Diversifying into technical clothing manufacture as entrepreneurial learning
  25. Sustainable agricultural production: an investigation in Brazilian semi-arid livestock farms
  26. Future challenges for manufacturing
  27. Gaining social values of wireless technology: An interpretive case study in the healthcare institutional context
  28. Tracking the trends in manufacturing technology management
  29. In appreciation of Professor Wang Xing Ming
  30. Transferring technology from university to rural industry within a developing economy context: The case for nurturing communities of practice
  31. Editorial introduction
  32. Editorial
  33. Editorial
  34. Real Options in Management and Organizational Strategy: A Review of Decision-making and Performance Implications
  35. Real options in multinational decision-making: Managerial awareness and risk implications
  36. Editorial
  37. Editorial
  38. Editorial introduction
  39. Editorial
  40. Editorial
  41. Communications of the IBIMA
  42. Managing Wireless Networks in the Healthcare Sector: Emerging Experiences of Cultural Impacts
  43. Green operations initiatives in the automotive industry
  44. Managing enterprise resource planning projects
  45. Editorial
  46. A path-dependent contingent-claims approach to capacity investments
  47. The Emergence of Wireless Networks
  48. A Review of Research and Practice for the Industrial Networks of the Future
  49. Editorial
  50. Strategic logistics outsourcing: An integrated QFD and AHP approach
  51. Advanced manufacturing technology adoption in developing countries
  52. Editorial
  53. Innovation and flexibility – consistent or contradictory?
  54. Technology and business integration1
  55. Playing catch-up with China: challenges and strategies for smaller developing countries
  56. A robustness framework for monitoring real options under uncertainty☆
  57. Transaction attributes and buyer-supplier relationships in AMT acquisition and implementation: the case of Malaysia
  58. The Precursors and Impacts of BSR on AMT Acquisition and Implementation
  59. Editorial
  60. Editorial
  61. Editorial
  62. Industrial Networks of the Future: Review of Research and Practice
  63. Editorial
  64. Introduction
  65. Investigating factors affecting ERP selection in made‐to‐order SME sector
  66. Editorial
  67. Editorial
  68. Global Logistics Concerns
  69. Global Logistics Concerns
  70. Is China's manufacturing sector becoming more high‐tech?
  71. The future of manufacturing
  73. Success Strategies in the Chinese Chemical Industry: A Survey and Case Study Investigations
  74. Editorial
  75. Editorial
  76. Editorial
  77. University to business technology transfer—UK and USA comparisons
  78. Editorial
  79. Operations Management II
  80. Editorial
  81. Enhancing performance through the introduction of customer orientation into the building components industry
  82. Editorial
  83. Strategies for performance improvement in the Chinese chemical industry
  84. Editorial
  85. Operations Management I
  86. Editorial
  87. Meeting technology needs of enterprises for national competitiveness
  88. A virtual learning environment for operations management
  89. An empirical study of the imperatives for a supply chain implementation project in Seagate Technology International
  90. International technology transfer: perceptions and reality of quality and reliability
  91. Managerial perceptions of factors influencing technology management in South Africa
  92. Transfer of Technology to China:
  93. Impacts and relationships between three evolving disciplines
  94. International technology transfer and collaborative new product development: evidence and a case from the machine tool industry
  95. Benchmarking for information systems management using issues framework studies: content and methodology
  96. Technology transfer to China: a study of strategy in 20 EU industrial companies
  97. Agility, Adaptability and Leanness: A Comparison of Concepts and a Study of Practice
  98. Information systems management positions – a market perspective
  99. Technology for Recovery
  100. Technological and organisational change in small‐ to medium‐sized manufacturing companies
  101. Valuing transferred machine tool technology
  102. Agility, adaptability and leanness: A comparison of concepts and a study of practice
  103. Book Reviews
  104. Critical success factors for IS executive careers---evidence from case studies
  105. Requisite IS management knowledge and skills construct
  106. Transferring manufacturing technology to China: supplier perceptions and acquirer expectations
  107. Book Reviews
  108. Technology Transfer to the China Machine Tool Industry
  109. Technological innovation and global challenges
  110. Modelling and benchmarking business processes: the supply‐line example
  111. Lean production in a changing competitive world: a Japanese perspective
  112. Book Reviews
  113. Book Reviews
  114. Product Variety and Just‐in‐Time: Conflict and Challenge
  115. Preface
  116. Market‐driven Strategies and the Design of Flexible Production Systems: Evidence from the Electronics Industry
  117. An application of decision process modelling to manufacturing system design
  118. Modular System Design and Control for Flexible Assembly
  119. Design and Implementation of Production Systems for High Variety Electronics Assembly
  120. No surprise
  121. Reliability: Its implications in production systems design
  122. The plight of manufacturing
  123. Deploying Internet Commerce in Lottery Businesses