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  1. The Excellence Leadership
  2. Explores the implementation of lean within two contrasting companies
  3. The development of a lean park homes production process using process flow and simulation methods
  4. Essential Guide to Operations Management
  5. The role of the physical layout in the implementation of lean management initiatives
  6. Analysing approaches to technology transfer in the UK National Health Sector
  7. Lean production, market share and value creation in the agricultural machinery sector in Brazil
  8. Operations & Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact20061Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Alan Betts and Robert Johnston. Operations & Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact. Pearson Education Limited, 2...
  9. Operations Management: An Integrated Approach20061R. Dan Reid and Nada R. Sanders. Operations Management: An Integrated Approach. John Wiley and Son International, New Jersey 2005 2nd ed.. 675 pp., ISBN: 0‐471‐65545‐7 £87
  10. Application of QFD for e-Business planning
  11. An application of the Delta Model and BPR in transforming electronic business - the case of a food ingredients company in UK
  12. Managing planned and emergent change within an operations management environment
  13. The Role of Networking in the Creation of Local Management Knowledge
  14. A model for evaluating the degree of leanness of manufacturing firms
  15. Agile supply: rethinking systems thinking, systems practice
  16. Britain's last industrial district? A case study of ceramics production
  17. Technological innovation antecedents in the UK ceramics industry
  18. Managing factory operations in China: empirical evidence on the integration of design and production
  19. Business Process Engineering:991A.‐W. Scheer. Business Process Engineering: Reference Models for Industrial Enterprises. Springer‐Verlag, 1998. 757 pp, ISBN: 3 540 636867 £29.00 paperback
  20. The Politics of Management in People's China: From CMRS to Modern Enterprise and Beyond
  21. Deskilling and reskilling within the labour process: The case of computer integrated manufacturing
  22. Organizational growth demands concurrent engineering
  23. Manufacturing Reform and the State: The Case of the Chinese Steel Industry
  24. Strategic and organizational adaptation in CIM systems development
  25. A computer integrated manufacturing programmed learning environment
  26. Management of advanced manufacturing technology: Strategy, organization and innovation
  27. Flexibility, Politics & Strategy: In Defence of the Model of the Flexible Firm
  28. Product Variety and Just‐in‐Time: Conflict and Challenge
  29. Performance Related Pay In Operation: A Case Study From the Electronics Industry
  30. Value Analysis: Integrating Product‐Process Design
  31. Flexibility Revisited: A Temporal Analysis of the Introduction of Flexibility
  32. Market‐driven Strategies and the Design of Flexible Production Systems: Evidence from the Electronics Industry
  33. Special feature. The CAPM/CAE interface within CIM system approaches in medium-sized companies
  34. The Changing Face of Industrial Democracy: Evidence from the UK Electronics Industry
  35. Who Wants Harmonisation? Image and Reality in Single Status Working
  36. Competitive Edge Through Flexible Work Organization: Evidence from the UK Electronics Industry
  37. Manufacturing management in theory and practice
  38. BPR and TQM: Divergence or Convergence?