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  1. Nursing and Medical Students' Responses About End-of-Life Communication Reveal Educational Opportunities for Spiritual Care
  2. Measuring spiritual uncertainty for hospice and palliative care providers
  3. Nursing and Medical students use journaling to prepare for caring for patient's spiritual needs.
  4. The State of Spirituality Scale as a Screening Tool for Spiritual Distress
  5. Neighborhood matters for transitional care and heart failure hospital readmission in older adults
  6. Utilizing forum theatre simulation about the end of life for nursing and medical students
  7. Reliability and Construct Validity of the Nurses’ Intention to Use Deep Vein Thrombosis Preventive Measures Questionnaire
  8. Upstream Factors in Population Health
  9. Predicting intentions of physical activity in patients with coronary artery disease: attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control
  10. Development of the Nurses’ Intention to Use Deep Vein Thrombosis Preventive Measures Questionnaire
  11. Recruiting Family Caregivers of loved ones with a serious illness
  12. Telling Adolescents That a Parent Has Died
  13. Advancing the science for family caregiver recruitment
  14. Using social media as a communication for people with serious illness and their families
  15. Spiritual Uncertainty Among Hospice Providers
  16. The things that hospice patients were most uncertain about were spiritual in nature.
  17. Family caregiver recruitment via social media: challenges, opportunities and lessons
  18. family interaction at the end of life through blogging
  19. Teens interacting with hospice providers
  20. Adolescents' descriptions of continued bonds with deceased parent
  21. The uncertainties families experience when one parent is in hospice.
  22. Using comfort, relatedness states, and life closure to examine family relationships