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  1. Moss endemism in the Mexican flora
  2. Grimmia (Grimmiaceae, Bryophyta) in southern Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas)
  3. Moss diversity in the state of Aguascalientes: Revision and update
  4. Cloud forest mosses in Mexico
  5. A Taxonomic Revision of the Family Stephaniellaceae (Marchantiophyta)
  6. Bryophyte literature for Mexico
  7. Literatura adicional para las briofitas de México
  8. Cladistic analysis of the Stephaniellaceae (Marchantiophyta) based on morphological data
  9. Diversidad de musgos en el estado de Aguascalientes, México
  10. Neosharpiella aztecorumH.Rob.etDelgad. (Gigaspermaceae), New to the Bryophyte Flora of South America
  11. The moss genus Grimmia in tropical Latin America
  13. Diversity and distribution of mosses in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico
  14. Biodiversidad de Bryophyta (musgos) en México
  15. Biodiversidad de Anthocerotophyta y Marchantiophyta en México
  16. Grimmia in Mexico
  17. Floristic corridors and barriers
  18. Floristics and Biogeography of The Mosses of the State of Querétaro, Mexico
  19. Hotspots in Mexico
  20. A Cladistic Analysis of Aloinella Card. (Musci: Pottiaceae)
  21. Two moss genera (Aloina and Aloinella) in Argentina
  22. Flora Briofítica Ibérica. [Fascicle 1] Pottiaceae: Weissia, Astomum, Trichostomum
  23. Endemism in the Mexican Flora: A Comparative Study in Three Plant Groups
  24. The Lacandon Forest (Chiapas, Mexico): A Benchmark Area for Tropical Mosses
  25. The Status of South American Grimmia herzogii Broth. (Musci)
  26. Rhizoautoicous Aloina bifrons in the Mojave Desert, a Possible Adaptation to Increase Spore Production
  27. The Distinction between Grimmia mexicana and G. ochyriana
  28. Mosses and the Caribbean Connection Between North and South America
  29. The correct name for the moss Grimmia williamsii
  30. The Identity of Grimmia involucrata Cardot (Grimmiaceae, Musci)
  31. Fissidens crispus from Holocene Deposits in Central Mexico
  32. Fissidens crispus from Holocene Deposits in Central Mexico
  33. [Untitled]
  34. Prodromus Bryologiae Novo-Granatensis. Introducción a la Flora de Musgos de Colombia. Parte 1. Adelotheciaceae a Funariaceae. Parte 2. Grimmiaceae a Trachypodiaceae
  35. LATMOSS: A Catalogue of Neotropical Mosses.
  36. Notes on the Distribution of Aloina and Crossidium (Musci)
  37. LATMOSS. A Catalogue of Neotropical Mosses.
  38. LATMOSS. A Catalogue of Neotropical Mosses
  39. Observations on Moss Succession on Paricutín Volcano, Mexico
  40. Endemism in the Neotropical Moss Flora
  41. Lorentziella imbricata and Oreoweisia delgadilloi in Mexico
  42. Flora of Madeiran Pleurocarpous Mosses (Isobryales, Hypnobryales, Hookeriales)
  43. The Neotropical-African Moss Disjunction
  44. El banco de datos de los musgos neotropicales
  45. Moss Interchange: Bryofloristic Similarities between Mexico and Colombia and the Phytogeographical Role of the Central American Bridge
  46. Moss distribution across mountain barriers in Mexico
  47. Notes on Ephemeral Mosses from Mexico, including Bruchia paricutinensis sp. nov.
  48. Manual de Briofitos
  49. Advances in Mexican Bryology
  51. Phytogeography of High-Elevation Mosses from Chiapas, Mexico
  52. Astomiopsis x altivallis (Musci: Ditrichaceae), a Putative Interspecific Hybrid in Mexico
  53. Pleuridium aurantiacum (Musci: Ditrichaceae), a Previously Undescribed Species from Central Mexico
  54. Levierella (Fabroniaceae), a Moss Genus New to the Americas
  55. Floristic corridors for moss distribution across the Neovolcanic Belt of Mexico. I. The Tuxpan corridor
  56. Moss Distribution and the Phytogeographical Significance of the Neovolcanic Belt of Mexico
  57. Mosses of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. III Phytogeography
  58. The Mosses of the Tehuacán Valley, Mexico, and Notes on Their Distribution
  59. The Taxonomic Position of Pleuridium kieneri Bartr.
  60. IV Simposi de Botànica Criptogàmica: Pteridophyta, Bryophyta et Lichenes
  61. Tortula chisosa Sp. Nov., A Bistratose-Leaved Species from the United States, Mexico, and Southern Africa
  62. Mosses of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. I
  63. Pseudaloina (Pottiaceae, Musci), a New Genus from Yemen
  64. Morinia saitoana, a New Species of Pottiaceae (Bryopsida) from Mexico
  65. Mosses and Phytogeography of the Liquidambar Forest of Mexico
  66. Notes on Alpine Mosses of Mexico
  67. Notes on Tropical Mosses of Mexico
  68. Indusiella andersonii sp. nov. in Northern Africa
  69. Taxonomic Revision of Aloina, Aloinella and Crossidium (Musci)
  70. A Quantitative Study of Aloina, Aloinella, and Crossidium (Musci)
  71. Generic concepts in Aloina
  72. Phytogeographic Studies on Alpine Mosses of Mexico
  73. Two Additions to the Bryoflora of Mexico