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  1. Lossy wavefront sensing and correction of distorted laser beams
  2. Randomized spectral sampling for efficient simulation of laser propagation through optical turbulence
  3. Measuring the turbulence profile in the lower atmospheric boundary layer
  4. Comparison between the plenoptic sensor and the light field camera in restoring images through turbulence
  5. Extracting phase distortion from laser glints on a remote target using phase space plenoptic mapping
  6. Using asymmetry patterns of back scattered signals for object detection through scattering media.
  7. Phase and amplitude beam shaping with two deformable mirrors implementing input plane and Fourier plane phase modifications
  8. Extract scintillation from video images to evaluate Cn2 and objects' relative depths.
  9. Multi-aperture laser transmissometer system for long-path aerosol extinction rate measurement
  10. Hybrid wavefront sensing and image correction algorithm for imaging through turbulent media
  11. Phase and amplitude modification of a laser beam by two deformable mirrors using conventional 4f image encryption techniques
  12. Atmospheric characterization on the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility
  13. Plenoptic mapping for imaging and retrieval of the complex field amplitude of a laser beam
  14. Complex wavefront sensing with a plenoptic sensor
  15. Imaging through water turbulence with a plenoptic sensor
  16. Implementation of a rapid correction algorithm for adaptive optics using a plenoptic sensor
  17. Propagation of combined laser beams through atmospheric turbulence (Conference Presentation)
  18. Using a plenoptic sensor to reconstruct vortex phase structures
  19. Imaging through strong turbulence with a light field approach
  20. Using an incoherent target return to adaptively focus through atmospheric turbulence
  21. Determining beam properties at an inaccessible plane using the reciprocity of atmospheric turbulence
  22. Entropy studies on beam distortion by atmospheric turbulence
  23. Imaging through turbulence using a plenoptic sensor
  24. An adaptive optics approach for laser beam correction in turbulence utilizing a modified plenoptic camera
  25. Enhanced backscatter of optical beams reflected in turbulent air
  26. Determining the phase and amplitude distortion of a wavefront using a plenoptic sensor
  27. Object recognition through turbulence with a modified plenoptic camera
  28. Experimental results on the enhanced backscatter phenomenon and its dynamics
  29. 3D geometric modeling and simulation of laser propagation through turbulence with plenoptic functions
  30. Enhanced backscatter of optical beams reflected in atmospheric turbulence
  31. Phase and amplitude wave front sensing and reconstruction with a modified plenoptic camera
  32. Intelligent correction of laser beam propagation through turbulent media using adaptive optics
  33. Geometrical optics analysis of atmospheric turbulence
  34. Modified plenoptic camera for phase and amplitude wavefront sensing
  35. Using a plenoptic camera to measure distortions in wavefronts affected by atmospheric turbulence