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  1. Effective publication strategies in clinical research
  2. Comments on “Factors affecting global flow of scientific knowledge in environmental sciences” by Sonne et al. (2020)
  3. What’s in a tweet? Creating Social Media Echo Chambers to inflate ‘the donut’
  4. Being a Deliberate Prey of a Predator – Researchers’ Thoughts after having Published in a Predatory Journal
  5. Applying Bourdieu’s Field Theory to Analyze the Changing Status of the Research Librarian
  6. Push and pull escape travel motivations of Emirati nationals to Australia
  7. Do researchers collaborate to increase the impact or do they work alone for more BFI-points?
  8. Commentators on daily news or communicators of scholarly achievements? The role of researchers in Danish news media
  9. Media representations of youth in newspapers
  10. An Anatomy of Media Hypes
  11. What's the Fuss About? The Interplay of Media Hypes and Politics
  12. Defining Objectivity within Journalism
  13. Sample Sizes and Composition: Their Effect on Recall and Precision in IR Experiments with OPACs
  14. Teaching online information retrieval to students of journalism