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  1. Poisonous books: analyses of four sixteenth and seventeenth century book bindings covered with arsenic rich green paint
  2. Making Tycho Brahe’s Sky Accessible to Future Astronomers
  3. Applying Bourdieu’s Field Theory to Analyze the Changing Status of the Research Librarian
  4. Preface
  5. The Cost of Astronomy Publishing fees in astronomy: Is something rotten in the case of Denmark?
  6. Merry work: libraries and citizen science
  7. Do researchers collaborate to increase the impact or do they work alone for more BFI-points?
  8. Towards evidence based research
  9. Get more citations to your work by sharing the underlying data
  10. EBRNetwork – a call to action for evidence-based research
  11. Open, transparent and honest – the way we practice research
  12. The data sharing advantage in astrophysics
  13. Welcome to the Executive Seminar on Open Access
  14. Simulations of fast dynamo action
  15. Magnetohydrodynamics
  16. Buoyant magnetic flux ropes in a magnetized stellar envelope
  17. A Non-Helical Dynamo — MHD Simulations of Dynamo Action by a Non-Helical Flow
  18. The Archontis Dynamo - simple fast dynamo action in a plasma
  19. Magnetic activity in late-type giant stars: Numerical MHD simulations of non-linear dynamo action in Betelgeuse
  20. A Magnetic Betelgeuse? Numerical Simulations of Non-Linear Dynamo Action
  21. Dynamo action in turbulent flows
  22. Numerical simulations of kinematic dynamo action
  23. Spots on the surface of Betelgeuse – Results from new 3D stellar convection models
  24. Small-scale magnetic fields on late-type M-dwarfs
  25. Waves in magnetic flux concentrations: The critical role of mode mixing and interference
  26. Waves in the Magnetized Solar Atmosphere. I. Basic Processes and Internetwork Oscillations
  27. Flux-loss of buoyant ropes interacting with convective flows
  28. On the transport of magnetic fields by solar-like stratified convection
  29. Convective Pumping of Magnetic Fields: On the Flux Storage Problem for Solar-like Dynamos
  30. Waves in the Magnetised Solar Atmosphere
  31. Magnetoconvection and the solar dynamo
  32. On the Structure of the Magnetic Field in a Kinematic ABC Flow Dynamo
  33. Astrophysical MHD Simulation and Visualization
  34. Magnetoconvection and the Solar Dynamo