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  1. Investigation of finite-sample properties of robust location and scale estimators
  2. Integration of the variance of quadratic loss for evaluating process performance
  3. Bayesian closed-loop robust process design considering model uncertainty and data quality
  4. Improved bootstrap confidence intervals for the process capability index Cpk
  5. A Note on the Existence of the Location Parameter Estimate of the Three-Parameter Weibull Model Using the Weibull Plot
  6. A quantile variant of the expectation–maximization algorithm and its application to parameter estimation with interval data
  7. Ensemble modelling technique for a micro-drilling process based on a two-stage bootstrap
  8. Statistical analysis of parameter estimation of a probabilistic crack initiation model for Alloy 182 weld considering right-censored data and the covariate effect
  9. Robust design under normal model departure
  10. Effects of Cracking Test Conditions on Estimation Uncertainty for Weibull Parameters Considering Time-Dependent Censoring Interval
  11. Transmuted gamma-mixed Rayleigh distribution: Properties and estimation with bladder cancer data example
  12. A highly efficient robust design under data contamination
  13. Bayesian analysis of Birnbaum–Saunders distribution via the generalized ratio-of-uniforms method
  14. Weighted exponential distribution: properties and different methods of estimation
  15. Robust explicit estimation of the two-parameter Birnbaum–Saunders distribution
  16. Determination of the joint confidence region of the optimal operating conditions in robust design by the bootstrap technique
  17. An ImprovedpChart Based on the Wilson Interval
  18. Parameter estimation from load-sharing system data using the expectation–maximization algorithm
  19. Parameter estimation for the reliability of load-sharing systems
  20. A bootstrap control chart for inverse Gaussian percentiles
  21. Statistical hypothesis testing for dot-matrix type products
  22. A bootstrap control chart for Birnbaum-Saunders percentiles
  23. Cumulative Damage Models Based on Gamma Processes
  24. Development of a highly efficient and resistant robust design
  25. A general class of cumulative damage models for materials failure
  26. Analysis of strength distributions of multi-modal failures using the EM algorithm
  27. Development of robust design optimization using incomplete data
  28. Stochastic Degradation Models With Several Accelerating Variables
  29. Nonparametric tests for cause specific hazard rates with censored data for competing risks among several groups
  30. Accelerated Degradation Models for Failure Based on Geometric Brownian Motion and Gamma Processes
  31. New Cumulative Damage Models for Failure Using Stochastic Processes as Initial Damage
  32. Parameter Estimation of Incomplete Data in Competing Risks Using the EM Algorithm
  33. Robust design modeling and optimization with unbalanced data
  34. Some variants of minimum disparity estimation
  35. Parametric Inference of Incomplete Data With Competing Risks Among Several Groups
  36. Development of Robust Design Under Contaminated and Non-normal Data
  37. The generalized kullback-leibler divergence and robust inference
  38. Improved power in multinomial goodness-of-fit tests
  39. Robust predictive distributions based on the penalized blended weight hellinger distance
  40. Robust minimum distance inference based on combined distances