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  1. The Reflected-Shifted-Truncated Lindley Distribution with Applications
  2. Bootstrap confidence intervals of process capability index Spmk using different methods of estimation
  3. Classical methods of estimation on constant stress accelerated life tests under exponentiated Lindley distribution
  4. Bounded M-O Extended Exponential Distribution with Applications
  5. Asymptotic and Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for the Process Capability Index cpy Based on Lindley Distributed Quality Characteristic
  6. Classical and Bayesian Estimation for Two Exponential Populations based on Joint Type-I Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme
  7. On estimating the reliability in a multicomponent stress-strength model based on Chen distribution
  8. Bootstrap confidence intervals of generalized process capability index Cpyk using different methods of estimation
  9. Improved bootstrap confidence intervals for the process capability index Cpk
  10. Parametric and non-parametric bootstrap confidence intervals of CNpk for exponential power distribution
  11. Bias-corrected maximum likelihood estimators of the parameters of the inverse Weibull distribution
  12. A new generalization of the gamma distribution with application to negatively skewed survival data
  13. On length and area-biased Maxwell distributions
  14. A New Extension of Generalized Exponential Distribution with Application to Ozone Data