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  1. A patient reported outcomes measure of barriers in communication for a gender diverse individual
  2. Patient Characteristics and Treatment Patterns for Speech-Language Pathology Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities
  3. “Take Us Into Account”: Perspectives of Family Members of People With Parkinson's Disease Regarding Speech-Language Pathology Intervention
  4. Effects of Aided Communication on Communicative Participation for People With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  5. Communication and Social Interaction Experiences of Youths With Congenital Motor Speech Disorders
  6. Speech generating device evaluation and treatment for people with ALS through telehealth.
  7. Predicting Communicative Participation in Adults Across Communication Disorders
  8. Beyond the Patient: A Mixed-Methods Inquiry Into Family Members' Involvement in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease to Target Third-Party Disability
  9. Achieving Participation-Focused Intervention Through Shared Decision Making: Proposal of an Age- and Disorder-Generic Framework
  10. Exploring Associations Between a Biological Marker of Chronic Stress and Reported Depression and Anxiety in People With Aphasia
  11. Teaching Medical Students Skills for Effective Communication With Patients Who Have Communication Disorders
  12. “I would have told you about being forgetful, but I forgot”: the experience of cognitive changes and communicative participation after head and neck cancer
  13. Assessing the Believability of Standardized Patients Trained to Portray Communication Disorders