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  1. An efficient partitioned framework to couple Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian and meshless vector form intrinsic finite element methods for fluid-structure interaction problems with deformable structures
  2. Semi-analytical study on elastic field of two joined dissimilar materials with interfacial cracks under prescribed loading
  3. Cyclical Wave Mode Changes and Reacting Flow Structures in an Optically Accessible Disk Pressure Gain Combustor
  4. Experimental Study of Jet A1 Vapor Continuous Detonation in Shuttling Transverse Combustion
  5. Framework for optimization of two-element airfoil using Nvidia Modulus, a physics informed neural network solver
  6. A variational quantum algorithm-based numerical method for solving potential and Stokes flows
  7. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations of microstructure induced stress overshoot in structured fluids
  8. Effects of flow conditions on the cavitation characteristics of viscous oil around a hydrofoil
  9. Special issue on Flow Cavitation
  10. Effect of dimple edge ratio on the thermo-aerodynamic performance in turbulent channel flow
  11. A physics-informed neural network-based approach to reconstruct the tornado vortices from limited observed data
  12. Wind tunnel and CFD studies of wind loadings on topsides of offshore structures
  13. Investigations on lock-in vortex-induced vibration of an airfoil at a high angle of attack based on detached eddy simulation
  14. study on factors influencing the performance of CMFs on measurement of high viscosity flows
  15. The thermo-aerodynamic performance of turbulent channel flow over dimples of different sizes
  16. Deep learning-driven nonlinear reduced-order models for predicting wave-structure interaction
  17. Investigations on the effects of structural damping on vortex-induced vibration response of an airfoil at a high angle of attack via the aero-damping map
  18. Fast and accurate flow measurement through dual-camera light field particle image velocimetry and ordered-subset algorithm
  19. A novel three-dimensional analytical tornado model constructed based on force balance analysis
  20. Investigation of the fluctuating velocity in a single-cell tornado-like vortex based on coherent structure extraction
  21. On the transient cavitation characteristics of viscous fluids around a hydrofoil
  22. A cell-based smoothed finite element model for non-Newtonian blood flow
  23. Numerical investigation of ventilated cavitating flow from high to low cavitation numbers
  24. Numerical investigation on the cloud cavitating flow over a Clark Y foil under free surface effect
  25. Application of a variational hybrid quantum-classical algorithm to heat conduction equation and analysis of time complexity
  26. Long-time prediction of sea wave trains by LSTM machine learning method
  27. Effect of flow structure frequency on flow separation control using dielectric barrier discharge actuator
  28. Approach to select optimal cross-correlation parameters for light field particle image velocimetry
  29. Thermal effect on cavitation characteristics of a hydraulic torque converter
  30. Parametric analysis of the effects of blade exit angle on the cavitation characteristics in a hydraulic torque converter
  31. Detection and evaluation of cavitation in the stator of a torque converter using pressure measurement
  32. Fusing sensor data with CFD results using gappy POD
  33. Low-Reynolds-number airfoil design optimization using deep-learning-based tailored airfoil modes
  34. Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of a multi-element airfoil with free play using continuation method
  35. The Effect of Rotating Speeds on the Cavitation Characteristics in Hydraulic Torque Converter
  36. A targeted essentially non-oscillatory (TENO) SPH method and its applications in hydrodynamics
  37. A new real-gas model to characterize and predict gas leakage for high-pressure gas pipeline
  38. Aeroelastic mode decomposition framework and mode selection mechanism in fluid–membrane interaction
  39. Fluid-Solid Interaction Simulation Methodology for Coriolis Flowmeter Operation Analysis
  40. Measurement uncertainty analysis of leak localisation in a gas pipeline
  41. Flow-excited membrane instability at moderate Reynolds numbers
  42. Elastic field prediction for a welding repaired material using a semi-analytical method
  43. On a vertical chain of small bubbles ascending in a viscoelastic fluid
  44. Rigid fiber motion in slightly non-Newtonian viscoelastic fluids
  45. A study on the design parameters for water–solid triboelectric energy harvesting with a channel device
  46. Free surface and near-wall effects on the cloud cavitating flow over an axisymmetric projectile
  47. Carbonized Silk Fiber Mat: a Flexible and Broadband Microwave Absorber, and the Length Effect
  48. Hydrodynamic interaction and coalescence of two inline bubbles rising in a viscoelastic liquid
  49. On peculiar behaviours at critical volumes of a three-dimensional bubble rising in viscoelastic fluids
  50. Fusing Experimental Measurements and ROM Predicted Data for Wind Load Prediction With Extended Kalman Filter
  51. DAFI: An Open-Source Framework for Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation and Field Inversion
  52. Stratification effect of air bubble on the shock wave from the collapse of cavitation bubble
  53. A high-fidelity numerical study on the propulsive performance of pitching flexible plates
  54. Equivalent inclusion method for arbitrary cavities or cracks in an elastic infinite/semi-infinite space
  55. Experimental investigation on coexisting wave components in an optically accessible rotating detonation combustor
  56. Wave Mode Dynamics in an Ethylene-Air Rotating Detonation Combustor
  57. A lattice Boltzmann modeling of the bubble velocity discontinuity (BVD) in shear-thinning viscoelastic fluids
  58. Flow field generated by a dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator in quiescent air at initiation stage
  59. Towards a larger scale energy harvesting from falling water droplets with an improved electrode configuration
  60. An immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method with multi relaxation time for solving flow-induced vibrations of an elastic vortex generator and its effect on heat transfer and mixing
  61. Study of three-dimensional air gun bubble pulsation and the surrounding fluid pressure with finite volume method
  62. Study on the cavitation effects induced by the interaction between underwater blast and various boundaries
  63. Force measurements on an inclined plate moving a sediment/sand bed
  64. A lattice Boltzmann modeling of viscoelastic drops’ deformation and breakup in simple shear flows
  65. Dynamics of the supercavitating hydrofoil with cavitator in steady flow field
  66. A microstructure model for viscoelastic–thixotropic fluids
  67. Dynamics and deformation of a three-dimensional bubble rising in viscoelastic fluids
  68. A Multimodal Intention Detection Sensor Suite for Shared Autonomy of Upper-Limb Robotic Prostheses
  69. Deep Learning Based Reduced Order Model for Airfoil-Gust and Aeroelastic Interaction
  70. Investigation of an Improved Side-Vented Needle and Corresponding Irrigation Strategy for Root Canal Therapy with CFD Method
  71. Wind Loading on Scaled Down Fractal Tree Models of Major Urban Tree Species in Singapore
  72. Efficient flapping wing drone arrests high-speed flight using post-stall soaring
  73. Unsteady Flow Structures Induced by Single Microsecond-Pulsed Plasma Actuator
  74. Wind load prediction on single tree with integrated approach of L-system fractal model, wind tunnel, and tree aerodynamic simulation
  75. Report on the 32nd International Symposium on Shock Waves
  76. Nonlinear Airfoil Limit Cycle Analysis Using Continuation Method and Filtered Impulse Function
  77. A smoothed particle hydrodynamics study of a non-isothermal and thermally anisotropic fused deposition modeling process for a fiber-filled composite
  78. Numerical study of Taylor–Couette flow with longitudinal corrugated surface
  79. Numerical and experimental study on the generation and propagation of negative wave in high-pressure gas pipeline leakage
  80. Experimental study of wind load on tree using scaled fractal tree model
  81. Preface
  82. Correction to: Geometric Effects of Shallow Dimples in Turbulent Channel Flows at $$Re_{\tau } \approx 180$$: A Vorticity Transport Perspective
  83. Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Induced by Dual Supramolecular Assemblies and Its Controlled Release Property for Enhanced Anticancer Drug Delivery
  84. Geometric Effects of Shallow Dimples in Turbulent Channel Flows at $$Re_{\tau }\approx 180$$: A Vorticity Transport Perspective
  85. Computational aeroelasticity of flexible membrane wings at moderate Reynolds numbers
  86. Study of Two-element Airfoils for Long Endurance Flight at Low Reynolds Numbers
  87. Unsteady Flow Structures Induced by a Single Microsecond Pulsed DBD Plasma Actuator in Quiescent Air
  88. Signal Interpolation Augmented Linear Nonintrusive Reduced-Order Model for Aeroelastic Applications
  89. Membrane-type acoustic metamaterial with eccentric masses for broadband sound isolation
  90. Numerical Simulations of Serrated Propellers to Reduce Noise
  91. Numerical investigation of irrigant flow characteristics in curved root canals with computational fluid dynamics method
  92. A smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation of fiber-filled composites in a non-isothermal three-dimensional printing process
  93. Phase-space dynamics of near-wall streaks in wall-bounded turbulence with spanwise oscillation
  94. Eliminating the fictitious frequency problem in BEM solutions of the external Helmholtz equation
  95. Numerical study on wide gap Taylor Couette flow with flow transition
  96. Study on flow separation and transition of the airfoil in low Reynolds number
  97. A smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) formulation of a two-phase mixture model and its application to turbulent sediment transport
  98. Hydrodynamic loads and wake dynamics of ducted propeller in oblique flow conditions
  99. Effects of Variable Total Pressures on Instability and Extinction of Rotating Detonation Combustion
  100. Transonic Flutter Prediction Using Subspace Identification Based Reduced Order Method with Parametric Variation and Flowfield Reconstruction
  101. Drag Reduction with Diamond-shaped Dimples
  102. Influence of Magnetic Force on the Flow Stability in a Rectangular Duct
  103. Study on the structure and behaviour of cavitation bubbles generated in a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) field
  104. Fast flow field prediction over airfoils using deep learning approach
  105. Supercavitation phenomenon research of projectiles passing through density change area
  106. A three-dimensional smoothed particle hydrodynamics dispersion simulation of polydispersed sediment on the seafloor using a message passing interface algorithm
  107. Numerical investigation of the liquid-fueled pulse detonation engine for different operating conditions
  108. Inverse Design of Airfoil Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
  109. Investigation of Channel Pressure Effect on Rotating Detonation Engine
  110. A Computational Framework for Assessment of Fuel Sloshing Effects on Transonic Wing Flutter Characteristics
  111. Thermal or electrical bulk properties of rod-filled composites
  112. Damage characteristics of elastic material through a thin membrane using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  113. Many-body dissipative particle dynamics (MDPD) simulation of a pseudoplastic yield-stress fluid with surface tension in some flow processes
  114. Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) modeling of fiber orientation in a 3D printing process
  115. Letter: A note on flow characterization of the FX63-137 airfoil at low Reynolds number using oil-film interferometry technique
  116. Flow patterns and red blood cell dynamics in a U-bend
  117. Heat transfer enhancement and drag reduction in transverse groove-bounded microchannels with offset
  118. Flow Separation Control over a NACA 0015 Airfoil Using Nanosecond-Pulsed Plasma Actuator
  119. On the boundary flow using pulsed nanosecond DBD plasma actuators
  120. Stability of boundary layer flow based on energy gradient theory
  121. Effect of ethylene fuel/air equivalence ratio on the dynamics of deflagration-to-detonation transition and detonation propagation process
  122. Hydraulic fracturing in a penny-shaped crack. Part II: Testing the frackability of methane hydrate-bearing sand
  123. A note on supersonic flow control with nanosecond plasma actuator
  124. Simulations on sediment dispersion over the ocean bottom from technical (mining) activities
  125. Expansion and collapse of an initially off-centered bubble within a narrow gap and the effect of a free surface
  126. Investigation of Injection Strategy for Liquid-Fuel Rotating Detonation Engine
  127. Application of Graphene Oxide in Jet A-1 in Air to Enhance Combustion Process
  128. Interaction of a spark-generated bubble with a two-layered composite beam
  129. Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of curved laminated composite panels
  130. The Modified Ghost Method for Compressible Multi-Medium Interaction with Elastic-Plastic Solid
  131. Harnessing Dielectric Breakdown of Dielectric Elastomer to Achieve Large Actuation
  132. Use of DES in mildly separated internal flow: dimples in a turbulent channel
  133. Coupled dynamics of vortex-induced vibration and stationary wall at low Reynolds number
  134. The simulation of compressible multi-fluid multi-solid interactions using the modified ghost method
  135. A smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) study of sediment dispersion on the seafloor
  136. A rheological constitutive model for semiconcentrated rod suspensions in Bingham fluids
  137. Reduced-Order Modeling of Stratospheric Winds and Its Application in High-Altitude Balloon Trajectory Simulations
  138. A study of detonation re-initiation through multiple reflections in a 90-degree bifurcation channel
  139. Radioprotective effect of ursolic acid in radiation-induced impairment of neurogenesis, learning and memory in adolescent BALB/c mouse
  140. Spark-generated bubble near an elastic sphere
  141. A dissipative particle dynamics model for thixotropic materials exhibiting pseudo-yield stress behaviour
  142. Thermal perturbations generated by near-surface electric discharges and mechanisms of their interaction with the airflow
  143. Separation Control over a NACA0015 Airfoil Using Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma Actuator
  144. On the Separated Flow Using Pulsed Nanosecond DBD Plasma Actuators on an NACA0015 Airfoil
  145. Infrared Absorption Measurements of Saturated Vapor-Phase Jet A-1
  146. Excessively Fuel-Rich Conditions for Cold Starting of Liquid-Fuel Pulse Detonation Engines
  147. Steady-shear rheological properties for suspensions of axisymmetric particles in second-order fluids
  148. Polymeric suspensions in shear flow: Relaxation and normal stress differences
  149. Low-dose or low-dose-rate ionizing radiation–induced bioeffects in animal models
  150. Investigation of airfoil leading edge separation control with nanosecond plasma actuator
  151. Numerical Study of Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma Actuator in Laminar Flat Plate Boundary Layer
  152. Effect of temperature on rheological behavior of kaolinite and bentonite suspensions
  153. Lithotripter shock wave interaction with a bubble near various biomaterials
  154. On the vortex-induced oscillations of a freely vibrating cylinder in the vicinity of a stationary plane wall
  155. Strongly overdamped Dissipative Particle Dynamics for fluid-solid systems
  156. Groove-induced changes of discharge in channel flows
  157. On the Streamwise Oscillations of Freely Vibrating Cylinder Near a Stationary Plane Wall in Steady Flow
  158. The effect of shear-thinning behaviour on rod orientation in filled fluids
  159. Destabilization of clouds of monodisperse and polydisperse particles falling in a quiescent and viscous fluid
  160. A SPH formulation for anisotropic operators
  161. Time-domain simulation of second-order irregular wave diffraction based on a hybrid water wave radiation condition
  162. Effect of particle size on erosion characteristics
  163. Linear stability of pressure-driven flow over longitudinal superhydrophobic grooves
  164. Sediment transport over seabed with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  165. Size Effect of Porous Media on Methane Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in an Excess Gas Environment
  166. An immersed interface method for flow past circular cylinder in the vicinity of a plane moving wall
  167. Spark bubble interaction with a suspended particle
  168. Transient bubble oscillations near an elastic membrane in water
  169. Comparison of Constant and Discontinuous Quadratic Boundary Elements for Exterior Axisymmetric Acoustic-Wave Propagation Problems
  170. The ghost solid methods for the elastic–plastic solid–solid interface and the ϑ-criterion
  171. Fully nonlinear simulations of interactions between solitary waves and structures based on the finite element method
  172. Bubbles with shock waves and ultrasound: a review
  173. Model reduction for parametric and nonlinear PDEs by matrix interpolation
  174. Shear induced organization of particles in non-colloidal suspensions in steady shear flow
  175. Motion-based grasp selection: Improving traditional control strategies of myoelectric hand prosthesis
  176. Numerical Study on the Dynamics and Oxygen Uptake of Healthy and Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cells
  177. Computational Assessment of Rainfall Effects on Aircraft Aerodynamic Characteristics
  178. Fast centroidal Voronoi Delaunay triangulation for unstructured mesh generation
  179. Concentration Dependence of Yield Stress and Dynamic Moduli of Kaolinite Suspensions
  180. A note on the dynamics of two aligned bubbles perpendicular to and above a thin membrane
  181. Investigation of particles size effects in Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) modelling of colloidal suspensions
  182. Transient response of stiffened composite submersible hull to underwater explosion bubble
  183. Numerical study on ring bubble dynamics in a narrow cylinder with a compliant coating
  184. Mechanics of drag reduction by shallow dimples in channel flow
  185. Studies on liquid–liquid interfacial tension with standard dissipative particle dynamics method
  186. A numerical study of muco-ciliary transport under the condition of diseased cilia
  187. Study of shock and induced flow dynamics by pulsed nanosecond DBD plasma actuators