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  1. Divergent thinking and creative achievement—How strong is the link? An updated meta-analysis.
  2. Dual pathways in creative writing processes.
  3. Italian Version of the Relationship Profile Test (RPT-I): Temporal Stability, Construct Validity, and Cross-Cultural Comparison
  4. Creative recovery: Narrative creativity mitigates identity distress among young adults with cancer
  5. Torrance test of creative thinking-verbal, Arabic version: Measurement invariance and latent mean differences across gender, year of study, and academic major
  6. Is There Really a Creativity Crisis? A Critical Review and Meta‐analytic Re‐Appraisal
  7. Negative ideation in creative problem-solving is task-specific too: Evidences from a sample of incarcerated juveniles
  8. Identity Distress, Parental Response, and Problem Behaviors in Juvenile Justice-Involved Boys
  9. What makes immersive virtual reality the ultimate empathy machine? Discerning the underlying mechanisms of change
  10. Measuring Creative Writing with the Storyboard Task: The Role of Effort and Story Length
  11. Manifesto for new directions in developmental science
  12. Does the Fourth-Grade Slump in Creativity Actually Exist? A Meta-analysis of the Development of Divergent Thinking in School-Age Children and Adolescents
  13. The role of psychopathology in the relationship between history of maltreatment and suicide attempts among children and adolescent inpatients
  14. Impact of Mood Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, and Histories of Abuse on Adaptive Functioning Deficits in Adolescents with Intellectual Impairment
  15. Empathy
  16. Creative potential: assessment issues and the EPoC Battery / Potencial creativo: temas de evaluación y batería EPoC
  17. Scrutinizing the basis of originality in divergent thinking tests: On the measurement precision of response propensity estimates
  18. Great Escape or Path to Self-Expression?: Development and Validation of a Scale of Motivations for Text Messaging
  19. Avances en la teoría e investigación de la creatividad: Un manifiesto sociocultural
  20. Creativity assessment: Pitfalls, solutions, and standards.
  21. Scoring divergent thinking tests: A review and systematic framework.
  22. Measuring creativity change and development.
  23. Creativity assessment in psychological research: (Re)setting the standards.
  24. La créativité, ressource potentielle de l’enfant et l’adolescent, à évaluer, révéler et développer
  25. A dimensional understanding of borderline personality features in adolescence: The relationship between the MMPI-A PSY-5 scales and PAI-A borderline features
  26. Multidimensional scale of self-esteem (EMES-16): Psychometric evaluation of a domain-specific measure of self-esteem for French-speaking adolescents
  27. Advancing Creativity Theory and Research: A Socio‐cultural Manifesto
  28. The Dynamics of Creative Ideation: Introducing a New Assessment Paradigm
  29. “Generic” Creativity as a Predictor or Outcome of Identity Development?
  30. Creativity and Self‐esteem in Adolescence: A Study of Their Domain‐Specific, Multivariate Relationships
  31. Child internalizing problems and mother–child discrepancies in maternal rejection: Evidence for bidirectional associations.
  32. Violent offending among juveniles: A 7-year longitudinal study of recidivism, desistance, and associations with mental health.
  33. The generality-specificity of creativity: Exploring the structure of creative potential with EPoC
  34. The paradox of phone attachment: Development and validation of the Young Adult Attachment to Phone Scale (YAPS)
  35. Purposeful Fulfillment of Creative Potential
  36. Impact of psychotic symptoms on cognitive functioning in child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients with severe mood disorders
  37. Predicting academic performance and trajectories from a measure of successful intelligence
  38. Preface: Perspectives on Creativity Development
  39. “Peaks, Slumps, and Bumps”: Individual Differences in the Development of Creativity in Children and Adolescents
  40. Epigenetic Patterns Modulate the Connection Between Developmental Dynamics of Parenting and Offspring Psychosocial Adjustment
  41. The Need for Research on Intellectual Disabilities and Severe Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents
  42. Using cluster analysis to provide new insights into development of very low birthweight (VLBW) premature infants
  43. Suicide Risk Among College Student
  44. Changes in mental health outcomes with the intensive in-home child and adolescent psychiatric service: a multi-informant, latent consensus approach
  45. Identifying learning patterns of children at risk for Specific Reading Disability
  46. The Interaction Between Culture and the Development of Creativity
  47. Creative potential in educational settings: its nature, measure, and nurture
  48. Challenges of Adolescent Psychology in the European Identity Context
  49. New Directions for the Study of Within-Individual Variability in Development: The Power of “N = 1”
  50. Where is the “g” in creativity? A specialization–differentiation hypothesis
  51. Capturing age-group differences and developmental change with the BASC Parent Rating Scales
  52. Reciprocal influences between maternal parenting and child adjustment in a high-risk population: A 5-year cross-lagged analysis of bidirectional effects.
  53. Creative potential and identity development in adolescence
  54. From perception to creative writing: A multi-method pilot study of a visual literacy instructional approach
  55. The Genetics of Creativity: The Generative and Receptive Sides of the Creativity Equation
  56. Perceived Parental Reactions to Adolescent Distress: development and validation of a brief measure
  57. Essential skills for creative writing: Integrating multiple domain-specific perspectives
  58. Dynamic of Change in Pathological Personality Trait Dimensions: A Latent Change Analysis Among at-Risk Women
  59. Childhood adversity and DNA methylation of genes involved in the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal axis and immune system: Whole-genome and candidate-gene associations
  60. Adolescence, créativité et transformation de Soi
  61. Creative thinking in music: Its nature and assessment through musical exploratory behaviors.
  62. Writing
  63. Development and validation of the Delinquency Reduction Outcome Profile (DROP) in a sample of incarcerated juveniles: A multiconstruct/multisituational scoring approach.
  64. Developmental Changes in Adolescence and Risks for Delinquency
  65. Delinquency Reduction Outcome Profile
  66. Musical Expression Test
  67. Assessing Creativity in the Classroom
  68. Structures identitaires et expression créative à l’adolescence
  69. Creative Self-Beliefs: Their Nature, Development, and Correlates