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  1. Use replication timing data from multiple cell types to annotate human genome
  2. Quantitative 3D Analysis of Nuclear Morphology and Heterochromatin Organization from Whole-Mount Plant Tissue Using NucleusJ
  3. Bioinformatics Analysis of Phylogeny and Transcription of TAA/YUC Auxin Biosynthetic Genes
  4. The cell wall of Arabidopsis thaliana influences actin network dynamics
  5. Arabidopsis ATRX Modulates H3.3 Occupancy and Fine-Tunes Gene Expression
  6. The LINC complex contributes to heterochromatin organisation and transcriptional gene silencing in plants
  7. Exploring the evolution of the proteins of the plant nuclear envelope
  8. A novel family of plant nuclear envelope-associated proteins
  9. Improved Efficiency and Reliability of NGS Amplicon Sequencing Data Analysis for Genetic Diagnostic Procedures Using AGSA Software
  10. The histone chaperone complex HIR maintains nucleosome occupancy and counterbalances impaired histone deposition in CAF-1 complex mutants
  11. NucleusJ: an ImageJ plugin for quantifying 3D images of interphase nuclei
  12. Evolutionary history of Methyltransferase 1 genes in hexaploid wheat
  13. Evolution and Diversity of the Microviridae Viral Family through a Collection of 81 New Complete Genomes Assembled from Virome Reads