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  1. Customer incivility as an identity threat for frontline employees
  2. Effects of COVID-19 induced non-pharmaceutical interventions on hotel room prices
  3. COVID-19, mobility, leisure, and travel around the world
  4. Conceptualizing a Model for the Effect of Entrepreneurial Digital Competencies and Innovation Capability on the Tourism Entrepreneurship Performance in UAE
  5. Which Hotel Services Really Matter to Muslim Travelers? A Multidimensional-Continuum Scale
  6. Organizational readiness for digital financial innovation and financial resilience
  7. Effects of faith-based attributes on hotel prices: the case of halal services
  8. Unveiling front-line employees’ brand construal types during corporate brand promise delivery
  9. Epidemiological susceptibility risk and tourist flows around the world
  10. What services do Muslim tourists want?
  11. Effects of customer incivility on frontline employees
  12. Residents’ Support for Tourism Development in the UAE
  13. Impact of leader–member exchange and perceived organisational support on turnover intention
  14. Measuring service quality and customer satisfaction of the small- and medium-sized hotels (SMSHs) industry: lessons from United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  15. New opportunities, challenges and realities for the media industry in Greece: an empirical examination of the effects of the financial crisis and digital technologies on media business performance
  16. The moderating role of nationality in residents' perceptions of the impacts of tourism development in the United Arab Emirates
  17. Examining the role of leadership inspiration, rewards and its relationship with contribution to knowledge sharing
  18. Trust, information sharing and uncertainty: An empirical investigation into their impact on sustainability in service supply chains in the United Arab Emirates
  19. Evaluating perceptions of residents’ towards impacts of tourism development in Emirates of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  20. Residents’ perceptions of the impact of tourism in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  21. Measuring private sphere environmentally significant behaviour of residents in Abu Dhabi
  22. Creativity in the Era of Social Networking: A Case Study at Tertiary Education in the Greek Context