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  1. The social psychology of work engagement: state of the field
  2. Work pressure and recovery during a cross-atlantic voyage: A test of the stressor-detachment model.
  3. Using playful work design to deal with hindrance job demands: A quantitative diary study.
  4. Do personal resources and strengths use increase work engagement? The effects of a training intervention.
  5. Rumination about COVID-19 and employee well-being: The role of playful work design.
  6. COVID-19 and the workplace: Implications, issues, and insights for future research and action.
  7. The daily exchange of social support between coworkers: Implications for momentary work engagement.
  8. Short-term trajectories of workplace bullying and its impact on strain: A latent class growth modeling approach.
  9. Capitalization on positive family events and task performance: A perspective from the work–home resources model.
  10. De psychologie van arbeid en gezondheid
  11. Werk- en organisatiegerichte interventies
  12. Burn-out en bevlogenheid
  13. The Spillover–Crossover Model
  14. A Model of Positive and Negative Learning
  15. Strategic and proactive approaches to work engagement
  16. De psychologie van arbeid en gezondheid
  17. Burnout en bevlogenheid
  18. Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology
  19. A Day in the Life of a Happy Worker
  20. Subjective Well-being in Organizations
  21. Work Engagement
  22. The crossover of work engagement between working couples
  23. Advancements in crossover theory
  24. De psychologie van arbeid en gezondheid
  25. Burnout en bevlogenheid