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  1. Empathetic Conversational Systems: A Review of Current Advances, Gaps, and Opportunities
  2. Users’ Beliefs Toward Physical Distancing in Facebook Pages of Public Health Authorities During COVID-19 Pandemic in Early 2020
  3. Altmetrics for Research Impact Actuation (ARIA): An Impact Tracking Tool for Multidisciplinary and Role-based Cross-Metric Analysis
  4. Will Your Paper Get Promoted by a Citation? A Case Study of Citation Promoter in Computer Science Discipline
  5. Impact of COVID-19 on the outreach strategy of cancer social service agencies in Singapore: A pre-post analysis with Facebook data
  6. Digital Support for Renal Patients through Facebook: Examining the Efforts of Singapore Social Service Agencies during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Preprint)
  7. Health Belief Model-based Deep Learning Classifiers for Classifying COVID-19 Social Media Content to Examine Public Behaviors towards Physical Distancing (Preprint)
  8. Ascertaining public feedback towards physical distancing using health belief model and deep learning
  9. Measuring the Outreach Efforts of Public Health Authorities and the Public Response in Facebook during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Early 2020: A Cross-Country Study with Singapore, United States of America, and United Kingdom (Preprint)
  10. Do the public health authorities of developed countries engage well with the public during COVID-19?
  11. Understanding the Twitter Usage of Science Citation Index (SCI) Journals
  12. Social media presence of scholarly journals
  13. Metrics-based Review on "Reasons for Primary Medication Nonadherence"
  14. Finding similar papers based on a set of papers
  15. How well was the Zika outbreak communicated by the Indian government
  16. Collection of research metrics research papers
  17. Usage of multiple evaluation methods in Scientific Paper Recommender Systems (SPRS)
  18. A Comparative Investigation on Citation Counts and Altmetrics Between Papers Authored by Top Universities and Companies in the Research Field of Artificial Intelligence
  19. Introduction to the Workshop on Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurement and Scholarly Information Management (AROSIM 2018)
  20. Investigating the Characteristics and Research Impact of Sentiments in Tweets with Links to Computer Science Research Papers
  21. Understanding the Twitter usage of humanities and social sciences academic journals
  22. A technique which tells you the unique and important papers to cite
  23. A study on a new type of citations called Prestigious Citations
  24. New framework for designing literature review recommendation and retrieval tasks
  25. Building an initial reading list of research papers
  26. Exploring prestigious citations sourced from top universities across disciplines
  27. Easy Literature Review
  28. Country hashtags in Twitter
  29. Scientific Paper Retrieval and Recommender Framework
  30. Yet Another Article Impact Indicator
  31. Useful Mobile App for Senior Adults
  32. Consider Grey Literature in Recommendations too